could twitter be the new beat poetry?

I’ve been spending a lot of time on Twitter – in fact about 1,230 tweets worth…and i was wondering if Twitter could be used for something other than merely communication – some kind of artistic medium. Thus I am attempting to transcribe a series of twitter Haiku and Twitter abstract poetry, with my tweets, which must be used in the order in which they were created, but backwards as, well, I can’t be bothered scanning back 1,230 tweets.

Haiku according to the ever reliable Wikipedia “The typical length of haiku appearing in the main English-language journals is 10–14 syllables[1][2] and few have a syllabically symmetrical line arrangement such as 5-7-5 or 3-5-3.”

So here goes…

Insect Love

is chasing a fly

with a venus flytrap

insane? ooh blah *hugs*

motherhood and cartoons

ah, the good memories


the evil babies

To gym or not to gym


i laugh merrily

at myself

abstract poem based on twitters that do not contain ‘@’ from october 10th respectively

how exactly does one,

“freak out”,


“let it go”,

..the first bit I can manage

– the last, not so much…

WTF have they done

to the start of

the bill?

This had better be some special episode –

I am very unimpressed.


ooh good stuff on abc tonight,

– yay.

I want a newspaper,

and pancakes,

and a sunny cafe,

none of which is happening,

or will as I’d end up ill all over the sunshine…

I’m All Alone and I DON’T like it.

On second thoughts- while this is entertaining and un-easy to do – it may be best to leave twitter as a forum for internet communication – still challenge anyone who reads this to create a haiku out of one of their tweets :)



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6 responses to “could twitter be the new beat poetry?

  1. Fantastic! I’d make a poem out of my own tweets, except my current state of sleep-deprivation would mean I’d get the maths all wrong and just end up embarrassing myself. Again.

  2. Am I following you on Twitter? If not, why not? What’s your Twitter name? I LOVE your stuff!!!
    K xxx

  3. I’ve taken the challenge – I had to wait until I was down and beat – so now I can fire off half a dozen Haikus or perhaps Fake-us because my syllable count is always a little suspicious. Anyhow, here goes.. check your Twitter:)

  4. Just found your blog, love it! Will add it to my list of daily reads!

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