This is a blog of multiple purposes. To vent my frustrations at two very very frustrating things.
Firstly, my shower is possessed. As all parents with children under the age of twelve is concerned, shower time is to be cherished.
Shower time has already been damaged by the drought in Victoria which I’m sure is personally designed to reduce mothers already minimal private time to three minutes.
Then on top of this, bub 1 seems to have developed a ‘shower alarm’ and is prone to waking up as soon as I turn the shower on, no matter how long and late I leave it.
She will then come and loiter in the bathroom at 1am , bleating “Muuuuum” or just LOOKING (what is it with children and LOOKING – that and having no concept of knocking)
But even without all these obstacles – I swear, my shower head is possessed.
It lulls me into a false sense of security with decent pressure and suitably hot but not too hot temperature – them BAM – it begins, too hot, then too cold, then too hot (all which cannot be corrected by tap fiddling)
And while I am tap fiddling the holes in the head (I’m sure they have a technical name – like showerlets or something) decide to squirt SIDEWAYS instead of down, but not predictably sideways like left or right, but straight into my eye Then while I am half blinded, half scalded and mostly freezing the others get involved, aiming for other eye, in my ear, soaking my hair so i will catch pneumonia – My shower and its resident spirit LOATHE me and are determined to make that what should be relaxing 3 mins of my evening a stressful and traumatic experience…

Now for frustration two – Gyms – or maybe that can wait for when my muscles are less sore….


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