My first meme – My dream….

See Josies excellent blog here

Thanks to Josie of “Sleep is for the Weak”  ( click on the picture to see her most excellent blog and dream) I have been tagged in a meme – My very first – to share my dream…simple tonight, a night of many tears…So here we go- escape for a while…

Sunlight streams through the window as the alarm on my mobile phone sounds, some pre-programmed tune that seemed soothing at the time I set it – now I remind myself for the hundredth time I must change it, out of bed, shower, dressed in tracksuit pants and loose top, birkenstocks on feet, brush teeth, tie up hair all before fully awake – grab my bulging satchel from the door knob as I race out of the room – the clock reads 6.45 am…

down the corridor – peeking through two doorways at one still fast asleep boy – brown hair all that can be seen above his navy blue quilt and one empty bed except for a selection of school uniform items shirt and skirt, the television echoing from the lounge room…

The kitchen is empty – i grab a box of fruit salad, bottle of water and an apple from the fridge, pour cereal in bowls, leave notes on the fridge, Script off the countertop, one eye on the clock- Bub 1 settled on the couch with her newest family member – a fluffy eared mini pup named Olivia – much adored – looks my way and smiles – I smile back, tell her i love her, will see her tonight and remind her that school shoes do not belong on the table – she rolls her eyes heavenward and sigh’s – teen years starting at eleven…

Olivia clatters into the kitchen on dog claws reminding me dogs need to eat too – and i remind Bub 1 of her promise – again the heavenward eyes, but she comes into the kitchen, gives me a one armed hug and heads for the pantry.

With that I’m out the door, past the Jasmine growing on the terrace’s fence, keys in pocket, phone in bag, iPod in ears, ten minute walk to the station.

Crowded double decker train gets me to Central early – the day is new still, even here in the city, you can almost smell the harbour from here – today the sun shines and i have enough change for coffee – i sip and walk the half hour hill, swinging through familiar gates to my passion and learning…

This is all I want – today, tomorrow – please universe now it is out there – make it happen?



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3 responses to “My first meme – My dream….

  1. That doesn’t seem too much to ask at all. I will send positive thoughts that it happens soon!

  2. Thank you :) Its actually a very big change from where I am now – and for some reason this weekend just all feels impossible – but fingers crossed and I’ll do my best and hope lots :)

  3. That sounds like the kind of life I very much want to be a part of. ;)

    As Jean-Luc Picard often said, “Make it so.”

    (I’ll help.)

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