Conversations with Bub1.

My daughter seems to be caught between a child and a teenager – while she still needs massive amounts of attention at the same time she seems to resent this attention – so often our conversations go like this (for example)

While watching “Journey to the centre of the earth” (not a bad movie simple, and theme park like)

B : Oh. My. God

me : What?

B : That was just soooo random.

me : What? (genuinely confused)

B : did you see that bit where she jumped from her mine cart across to his? it was like waaaah! (hand gestures) and she jumped.

me: Yes, I know, I was watching too

B: but she was like this, she was like waaaahhh! (more elaborate gestures) and then she was in his mine cart.

Me: Yes , I know, I’m watching too…

B : But she was just like w…

Me: yes, I know, don’t you want to hear this bit?

B: (rolls eyes) whatever (huff)

Me: Don’t speak to me like that please. (might be more accurately written as “you do not speak to your mother like that” – but that makes me sound like my mother *shiver*)

B : (huff)


B : Oh. My. God.


B. Did you see that? that bit where the ground just cracked and they all fell down, it was like…

And so it continues – it doesn’t matter what we are watching. Right now we are watching some airport show and she is Oh.My.God and Did.You.See-ing all over the place – so it ends up that we generally hear about 40 % of any DVD or television show watched.

If there is something I really want to watch I am learning that judicious application of icecream or something very chewy like that rice bubble and marshmellow mixture is neccesary to stop this constant dialogue.

And as much as I love that she is interested and surprised, really there is only so many times I need to hear about something I just saw too…Thus my parental patience wears thin.

But this doesn’t only happen with TV – oh no, you should hear about the things the cat does – it jumped, just like that, like so random (for a cat, to jump off the back of a couch) now we will be hearing about that for the next two days…




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6 responses to “Conversations with Bub1.

  1. I’ve only taught older children, but they seem to have their ‘randomisers’ on constantly. I wonder if it has something to do with finding patterns in how things work. I think the older that one gets the less random and unexpected things appear.

    I evesdropped a teen conversation in an Emergency Room recently and a couple of boys were cracking themselves up and presenting random findings on the world and then suggesting ‘wouldn’t it be funny ifs.’. And I remember thinking, no, because nothing that you’re saying actually works like that at all.

    It was like hearing a form of language that I only understood vaguely and from a long time ago.

  2. I like the ‘stuff her face with food to try and dissuade her from talking’ plan.


  3. Ah, the things to look forward to.
    It’s funny, because my mom does that exact same thing. She likes to talk through the movie and needs things explained to her and has to summarize. And she has to grab your hand if anything scary happens. So annoying. I will be kindof amused if my daughter turns out the same way.

  4. unfortuately she talks through the food – but it is muffled and thus easier to ‘mum-ignore’ you know, the” mmm-hmmm and nod without taking it in” type ignoring …..
    I saw Dylan Moran earlier this year and he spoke of ‘random’ and how his kids were talking about a church that way “oooh a church how random…not random at all…shut up and have some crisps…ooh crisps, awesome…no crisps aren’t awsome, majestic sunsets are” – ok so maybe you had to be there – but i laughed…
    teen speak – sigh – am not enjoying it…

  5. Were you in my house? Because that’s exactly how I now watch any TV or DVD with my darling daughter! Right down to the sulk, silence, resume ‘so random’ speak… sigh

  6. You remember when I first read this, and it had me in an uncontrollable fit of laughter? It was like “bwahhahahahahaha!” and then I couldn’t even made noise anymore, or breathe, and the kids wanted to know what was so funny, or what was wrong with me? It was so random.

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