My Meme

I’ve been reading a lot about meme’s lately – and I’m not quite sure I understand the concept, but here goes…

I’ve also been getting envious of the blogger folk and their excellent awards so I’m creating one of my own to go with this meme- please pass it on…

meme - Poetry of you - hope for tommorrow

meme - Poetry of you - hope for tommorrow

So, yes, please use this picture in your blog as a reminder that there is hope and that, as small as it is, I think you all are amazing, even if I don’t tag you (am limiting those tagged to the number of verses or lines I can bring myself to write)

So heres my idea – Poetry of you – write a poem about you, as a person, as an aspect, as a thought, as an image, how you percieve you, how others do – all up to you. But free write it, first draft, just whatever comes :)

Here is mine…

Past Three AM.

I used to be,


used to be safe to curl up under pink quilt and sleep.

I used to be,


used to be safe.

Now two am and three, four pass in a blur of panic

and half remebered thoughts.

There once was a girl,

who is no more,

a paper shade cut out person,

a jigsaw of her past,

of all the theys that made her,

but not whole,


impossible to have and hold,

little girl lost in the tall towers of unsorted stacks

the papers of her memory.

I used to be,


I just don’t know anymore.

So now to tag – hopefully yours will come out happier than mine…sorry for the downer :s

Hope you have fun :) I think you are all wonderful bloggers and love what you write – keep it up :)



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6 responses to “My Meme

  1. I love poetry and I love this.

  2. Your poem is beautiful and melancholy.

    Thanks for tagging me. I shall enjoy doing this.


  3. oh – thank you so much *blush* :)

  4. the dotterel

    Strange, those small hours of the morning. An apt title for a poem capturing those weird, distressing nocturnal emotions.

  5. Thanks for the tag and the interesting meme! I liked your poem.

  6. You are a terrific poet.

    Have you recommended to everyone that they should read “Proseish” from the blogroll on the right? You really should.

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