Break, Break, Broken…


The warm air is soft on my soon to wake eyelids, hammock sleep being the lightest of all sleeps, in the multicoloured grown up sling that sways above the grass, half in sun, half in shade.

The ocean reaches to me from beyond the fence, the peace of the beach, the endless blue of home.

Peace plays around the edges of my mind, closer than it has been in many years, settling and easing my hectic constant swirls of black and grey.

The corner of my book digs into my shoulder, a discomfort too small to worry about in this moment which is so close to perfect.

Scars disappear into the kisses from the sun

Ozone and caffeine, mango and growing plant life and warmth, for once I am warm and still.

I open my eyes and he is there, watching, smiling slowly, he reaches down, pulls me from my curled afternoon long nest to wander through the evening.



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15 responses to “Break, Break, Broken…

  1. Oh just in case it isn’t apparent – this is my day off, this is what I would do, maybe…maybe not me at all…

  2. Beautiful… wish it was my day off :)

  3. Sounds like bliss. Beautifully written.


  4. Oh to feel the sun, it is raining and dark. I was there for a min, but not long enough. We can all dream.

  5. Oh, that was so nicely written it made me relax just thinking about it!

  6. Thank you :) everyone is very kind :)

  7. notsuchayummymummy

    That’s lovely. I too am now very relaxed after reading it!

  8. Beautiful as always!!

    I loved your “multicoloured grown up sling” – that’s just what it feels like doesn’t it?

    Love your words. Keep writing please xx

  9. Gorgeous, going to bookmark this and reread it next time I need to de-stress!

  10. Aly

    Blissfully magical!

  11. thank you – everyone is so lovely – I should write about the beach more often :)

  12. The beach is your kind of place. This is so gorgeously written, perfectly captures the feeling of an endless moment in time.

    Can’t wait to see what you create for NaNoWriMo.

  13. And now I get to reciprocate your sentiments – lovely writing! Thank you so much for sharing this peaceful moment. I can’t wait to read more.

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