Like totally sick…

not me but definately how i feelAs some of you may have noticed I have been absent from both the bloggerspere  (yes that is a word) and twitter…

This is because i have been “totally sick” not partially, not even to the point where I can crawl out of bed and spend a day sprawled on the couch doing the mother’s version of traffic policeman – which usually runs something like this…

“no bub 1 you can’t watch kung fu panda AGAIN Mum has a headache”

“Bub 2 – where are you and what is that loud banging noise?”

Punctuated by “urgh” and “no really bub 1 – I will be fine – and no you won’t catch it” and “can SOMEONE get your father”

Yes even this has been beyond me…see I seem to have missed that essential mother gene which makes it possible to soldier on no matter what – neither cold, nor flu, nor gastric ills yada yada – does not apply to me, when I get sick, I am Fully Sick, the kind of sick where moving hurts, hell, sleeping hurts and vomit is more frequent than when my children were very small indeed…

And the fun bit of it all – it is always, always a VIRUS. the one thing a doctor cannot fix with little magic pills.

So I have been consoling myself with bed, DVDs and water crackers, and hopes that this will pass very soon indeed, as directing children is very difficult from bed, and for some reason they now seem to be watching horse racing…either that or I am delirious…

And I miss my blog and my twitter friends, my ability to eat food and keep it down and the ability to string together a coherent…oooh look shiny…

Back to being fully sick.

( Just in case there is some …ahem…cross cultural translation needed ‘totally sick’ and ‘fully sick’ in australia generally mean – ‘well that is fantastic and brilliant’ strange country aren’t we…)



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5 responses to “Like totally sick…

  1. lawandshoes

    Sick as a dog? I had never really thought about an alternative before. I do hope that you are feeling a wee bit better now. People keeping coming across my blog by Google-ing Converse. It is a miracle.

  2. Hope you are feeling fully sick soon… and worry not, I don’t have the soldier on at all cost mother gene either… unless pointing in the general direction of the TV remote, throwing 2 minute noodles at the microwave, and muttering make your self toast for tea again counts as soldering on…

  3. I really can’t combine parenting and illness very gracefully either. I went through an inexplicable ‘virus’ that left me as weak as a kitten about 15 years ago which kept on recurring for years after. I wouldn’t have been able to deal with kids at all so you’re holding on in quite a heroic way even being vaguely polite to them…

  4. This blog is fully siiiick, even though you allegedly can’t form a coherent sentence. Glad you wrote. :)

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