“my” mess :)

As I was browsing the interweb from my sick – couch I stumbled upon Kerri Sackvilles’ latest offering unto the blogging community (great blog –  check it out here Life and Other Crises) It is entitled “Know Me, Know my mess” and I was inspired as the inhabitant of the all-conquering house-of-mess to give you a small sample of what i can see from where I am lounging.

1. chest serving as coffee table, is really very nice when you can see it, is currently covered in 4 books, atop a pile of catalogues for what appears to be jb hi-fi ( I think we are collecting them…), a script, several pages of writing which is me trying to memorize script, a hairbrush (mine – children opt to go without – never have i seen so many hair brushes vanish as in this household), remote control, star – wars leggo, thermometer, a tissue, a large empty cup of what once was peppermint tea, bubble mix, and a tea towel)
2. Piles of clean dry washing. This will sit on the floor until it becomes dirty used washing whereupon it will migrate to the bathroom floor
3. the children’s couch covered in cat, cat brush and more paper.
4. the truly ugly bean bag that children insist on using instead of coordinated couch.
5. Tv and video and dvd palyers, all balanced on top of “storage” boxes
6. next to that, box still packed from when we moved here oooh 9 months ago
7. then the mantle piece – ah – the mantlepiece – when we moved here I proclaimed this is only for SPECIAL things…apparently the following are special – lamp, vase thing i made at pottery (urgh), 6 children’s drawings, another script, a ball of tissue paper painted as a – what is that?, paper mache cup made for birthday by bub 2, several crystals and a stick that bub 2 found 3 years ago and gave to me and I have carefully kept ever since (it is curly and special)
oh and the grand finale – the floor – it cannot remember the last time it was vacuumed not that it could be because it is covered (in a motherish way) with paper and newspaper and -oh look- “where did I come from?” and a helium balloon which I’m pretty sure a relegated to children’s room…
Ah dear – bless this mess as I’m certainly not cleaning today :)



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6 responses to ““my” mess :)

  1. Sounds like my coffee table, complete with star wars lego! (I’m sure it breeds while I’m not looking) And , we still have boxes packed from when we moved in here… in January, 2008!

  2. Oh I LOVE it!!!
    Feel SO much better now!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Let’s just say that I accidentally smeared a fruitfly across my laptop screen whilst reading the above and that finding an area of floor in our bedroom big enough to roll out a yoga mat involved putting furniture on the bed, shoveling aside piles of washing, piles of books and then getting so distracted by the interweb, I run out of time and have to put it all back again. Bugger. That was your fault, of course. Nothing to do with my lack of will power.

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