The recipe that got out of hand and made me cry

glace cherries








There used to be a shelf in the kitchen where I lived,

and on it were the recipe books,

or was it bench space,

i can never be quite sure.

But these books were perfectly aligned.

My Mum used them to make our special Christmas Cake,

as we didn’t like the fruit one,

and cakes for birthdays and lunchboxes-

coconut loaf with margarine in gladwrap.

Then one day the books went into boxes,

the cooking stopped.

I never knew why.

I still made the christmas cake,

at least i tried,

cherries and almonds and “ta-da”.

But it was only Mum and me.

Then mum and me and my step dad and he didn’t like almonds,

or cherries,

so it stopped.

Then I had a family of my own,

people I loved and I made them this cake,

this one good childhood memory,

and they didn’t like the almonds,

or the cherries either,

only I did,

and I don’t eat so..

Then my cook books got packed in a box,

moving again.

They were thrown away,

by my mum and step dad as rubbish left behind in their house.

they didn’t open the box.

Now they are leaving before christmas this year,

to live forever on the other side of the world.

and the christmases rush through my fingers like sand,

tethered together by bad memories and glace cherries.

So this christmas will be new,

a new cake,

recipe yet to be decided,

but still with almonds and glace cherries on top.

I need something to string my years on,

and cherry stems will work as well as anything else.

Inspired by “Sleep is for the Weak”, delightful Josie and her inspiring writing workshop.



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11 responses to “The recipe that got out of hand and made me cry

  1. I love almonds and cherries, by the way. And I loved this post.

  2. I too love cherries and almonds… loved this post, and am all for making a new cake… new traditions and new memories for you and yours. : )

  3. This is possibly one of the most beautifully-written things I’ve ever read from you. Moved me, as you know, to tears. And I think it would have even if I didn’t know everything behind it, but simply from the power of your words.

  4. Oh that made me sad too. And nicely written. Actually, I thought the lines “I need something to string my years on/and cherry stems will work as well as anything else.” were quite beautiful.

    Oddly enough, I’m half way through a Christmas post myself. No cherries in it, though.

  5. itsasmallworldafterallfamily

    I agree with dadwhowrites, that line is gorgeous. I’m all for making new family traditions, creating your own history.

  6. Just beautiful. Do you know how much I am digging your writing right now? I look forward to every new post.

    Make new memories. Make new recipes and new cakes. Make them for YOUR children who look back on them with nothing but smiles and warmth. They can always pick the cherries and the almonds out…

    One day, I hope I might get to share a piece of cake with you and hear your stories. I would really love that xxx

  7. This is just fantastic.
    That’s all I wanted to say really :)

  8. Everyone else has siad it so so elequently. Fantastic post

  9. Aly

    That’s what makes traditions a tradition.You add and take away but there is always a common thread.I’ve made a Christmas decoration with my kids each year.Makes the tree more personal and meaningful.I hope you enjoy your cake.

  10. This is beautiful. I love it.

  11. So beautiful and takes you on such a journey. Hope you make many happy memories for your family.

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