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There are many, many things i could write about today – but I’m not going to write about any of them – instead I’m going to be a complete-fan-girl-age-sixteen and write about Tim Minchin.

For those of you who have not yet discovered him, click around the pictures of him and find links to several of his songs and for his main page, Click on the picture of him and his daughter Violet (fun place to hang out, as is his fan site – Angry Feet). Well hopefully, word press behaving.

But yes, Tim Minchin came into my mind again (he’s never gone for long) when he became a trending topic on Twitter last week due to his performance on a show that as an australian-incapable-of-reasearch  is known  as “Wossy” – which seems very popular in a Parkinson kind of way , and sang about “Five Poofs and Two Pianos” which I will not deny to my mind first conjured up the image of a very large elaborate sitting room – before I got the point.

Now I love Tim Minchin, or what I know of him and his work. I generally find that I ‘like’ famous/well known people who are married or gay, and he is very definitely married and his wife seems lovely. He also has two children. And is Fun. And is essentially everything i would like to be – a musician, an actor and proud of being who he is. But it took him a while to get there.

I first discovered him in the film “Rock ‘n Roll Nerd” which I saw as part of the comedy festival in 2007 – and it was such an intimate documentary, let the audience so far into his family life. He is an amazing, down to earth, talented, enormously funny guy, who cares and loves and is open and honest.

So from that point on I hunted up his music on You Tube, downloaded his CD’s, want to buy a canvas bags to take to the supermarket and if i ever have a gold fish it will be called Tony.

I am also very impressed by his wife, who on film was so lovely, and must be an amazing woman, a toddler and a baby, and famous touring husband – wonder how that works? I know i couldn’t do it.

So yes, here is my ode to Tim Minchin – who remains on my mind because I’m using one of his songs for an upcoming audition. This one in in fact – most beautiful love song, if you listen to no other listen to this

Mr Minchin, your are so F***ing Rock and Thank you for giving me back hope in having an artistic career.

And Follow him on twitter HERE

(and full credit to the photographers who took these most excellent pictures – hopefully you won’t mind my using them)

Also if you search for him on you-tube look for “White wine in the Sun” and “Teenage Years” (lesser known but brilliant songs)

Now back to real life and to stop using up my broadband with Video streaming :)

Another song - really should have kept that list of titles - sorry everyone..last one...

Tim and Daughter Violet - Link to his SiteOne of his songs (should have kept list of titles - damn)I Think this one is Canvas Bags...Another Musical Interlude



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6 responses to “Follow Friday

  1. I love, love, LOVE Tim Minchin, and the Rock n Roll Nerd film you write about is great.
    Good luck with the audition, and always hold on to your dreams xxx

  2. I love Tim Minchin too. He has a touch of the Billy Baileys about him ( but is also gloriously and entirely himself. Such talent… such flagrant use of eyeliner… such brilliance…

    • Bill Bailey is brilliant – am a Black Books addict , then spent a decent amount of time You-Tube-ing him a few months back – very funny man :) His twitter feed is also endlessly amusing :) Ah the slugs lament….
      But yes, just so Him, I think thats what I like – he knows who he is and is just that…

  3. Can’t wait to see TM live in December. Will be quite a treat.

  4. I’ve only seen him on TV a couple of times but laughed like a drain when I did.


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