Pick your reality


She curls around herself,

exhausted by yet another day,

another day of being a parent,

before she has a child,

another day,

of the words not backed  by actions,

locked in the prison of the years making,

hearts making,

tired of fixing over and over,

what someone else breaks,

tired of hanging from a celing beam,

beat at by words,

by fists,

by memory,

this is her life now,

chosen some parts,


not what she looked at,

not what she saw,

stupid girl wandering in,

giving her heart willingly over,

to be broken again,

and used to fix the lightbulb of his life.

She curls around herself,

ignoring his touch,

making herself insignificant,

and gone.

Sorry, not a brilliant post, but the best my overworked brain can string together – and true perhaps.

Based on a song “Not The Doctor” By Alanis Morisette Was meant to be something completely different – but there you go…

Now back to my NaNoWriMo story which is getting out of hand and will not behave :)



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6 responses to “Pick your reality

  1. I can’t believe we both picked Alanis :) Loving discovering how much we have in common.

    Beautiful post, as always xx

  2. Beautifully written. And bravo on the NaNoWriMo… I chickened out : (

  3. You weave magic with words and emotions. Please don’t ever stop writing.

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