Ever Inventive is my difficult child

Tomorrow it is the 7th of November – 7/11 – get it – ? I always thought it was kind of cool that my first child was born on such an easy date to remember.

And tomorrow she will be turning ten.

Ten years of being the most stubborn, independant, wakeful, anxious, colt-like, beautiful, amazing little girl that i will ever know. Ten years of being too much like me, and the ten years in which this will actually really affect us to come as she grows into a teenager.

She already has the “I hate my life” stomp stomp stomp SLAM of bedroom door down pat.

Her birth was easy, as far as these things go. She was early and I was in really majorly painful labour for about four hours before she appeared in my world. It was that first night that she truely established one of her major persoanlity traits – we have many many photos of DOC walking around the hospital room carrying her as this was the only way she would stop crying and occassionally sleep. This lasted till she was 3, when he was *finally* allowed to just sit beside the bed.

But this stubborness made me laugh so much on the day when her grandma tried to force her to use a dummy (pacifier), to “settle her” – it went something like this…

Grandma forces dummy into bubs mouth.

Grandma holds dummy in mouth for thirty seconds while bub sucks

Grandma removes hand

bub spits out dummy and smiles.

Repeat for an hour :) – ah how i love that child – she did what I never could and stood up to my Mum and her parenting techniques.

And to tell you all the stories i have about her, all I love about her would take pages – how she skipped crawling, how brave she always has been, how wakeful she can be, her pages and pages of drawings, how she spends days on end being a dog, or dingo, or cat. How she has trained her cat to come when she whistles…But again – this would take pages.

So, tomorrow, my creative and wonderfully artistic and quirky daughter turns ten – So for you, my daughter, I am going to introduce the blogging community to the wonderful world of your imaginary creatures – the Skindles.

The skindles – shown here : – "D" and "E" in thier winter coatsThis is “D” on the left and “E” on the right – in their winter coats as we were at Wilsons Promontary when this photo was taken.  They come to visit Bub 1 and occasionally Bub 2 from Skindleton, where they live with their families and their new cousin baby “Z” who currently has skindle-flu. They communicate by saying their name in different tones which we must then translate. Phrases such as “d d d d dd d d”  (can I please have something to eat) is a request for oats (which is all they eat).

My darling daughter with her brilliant imagination and passion for art and who is trying to write a three thousand word story this month. My beautiful daughter who loves everyone so much and feels everything just a bit more than the normal range of feeling (just like her Mum) with her blue eyes that came from no-where.

Happy birthday little bear. You are always special and always loved and always will be.

May you always be this free :)



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7 responses to “Ever Inventive is my difficult child

  1. I really enjoyed thy – partly because it always feels like a privilege to see onto someone’s life and experience of parenting in this way, partly because of the empathy I feel with our own beautiful “difficult” first and partly because it leads me to reflect on the last six years with him.

    In completely unrelated news, nearly two just walked past me as I type on this on my iPhone attempting to give herself wedgies with her pyjama bottom. I have no idea why. I suppoose I should find out

  2. Happy Birthday! She sounds like such a special, vivacious, talented young lady. But then what else would you expect with parents like hers ;)

    Loved the skindles. She should write stories about them.

    We call Kai little bear too (that’ll be coincidence #53)

  3. Beautiful, just beautiful, full of love. Our daughters are indeed similar, happy birthday to her, and have a wonderful day. Bit teary now. :)

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  5. This is a far better tribute to our girl than mine. I can’t wait to see what you’ll write for X in January. :)

  6. A really lovely tribute to your daughter. Happy Birthday indeed :)

  7. Thank you – everyone :) She did indeed have a very happy birthday :)

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