My soppy wedding post – today i am incapable of wit.

This weekend my cousin, R, got married.

It was beautiful.

There was sunshine, there was simplicity and style in all things.

There was a beautiful beachside church, in the beachside town where my family has spent almost every summer of our lives (mine stopped about ten years ago – but thats another story)

There was a reception at a beautiful venue on the beach, again simplicity in all things.

There was one of the most beautiful wedding dresses I have ever seen.

There was bub 2 in a suit.

there was bub 1 looking fifteen on her tenth birthday.

there was a wedding cake made by my aunt, an excellent baker, who also made my wedding cake.

There were tears and so much love.

The bridal party arrived by boat to the reception – not a speed boat.

Bub 1 and I were unwell and we had to leave early, under the pink clouded sky.

But I am so glad that I made that trip, with my two overheated snuffly children,

That I worried so much about what to wear and then hated what I did,

that I was invited.

Because this weekend, my cousin got married and he and his wife are so in love and so happy and so right together.

And I got to be a part of that and know that that is what I want for me, for my life.

That trust, that joy, that much love.

Congratualtions R and K, and Thank you again for the most beautiful of days and evenings. For giving me a chance to say good bye to somewhere I had always thought of as home and while it is still beautiful , realising it is not, not anymore. For letting me see what I truely believe life should be.

So may you have everything you ever dream of, may your life be full of joy.

You have a cousin and a godchild and a second cousin here who love you very much indeed.

Arriving at the reception



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2 responses to “My soppy wedding post – today i am incapable of wit.

  1. This is a really sweet post. But also sad about saying goodbye to the place. I’m glad you feel the trip was worth it.

    Well-chosen photo too – was that taken by you or one of the bubs?

  2. Lovely post, and sad too… but perhaps in a good way? Saying goodbye can be hard, but it can also mean the start of something new.
    Great photo too :)

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