Desired for never quite achieved…

For Josie at “Sleep is for the Weak” and her now legendary writing workshop. This week based around the idea of what kind of shoe I would be. Although in my head they are Black with red ribbons….

They spin and twirl,

neatly ordered rows

of poppets.

Racing from the boards to mop at damp faces,

in the half dim off – stage light.

Bending and arching under the pressure,

never breaking,

strong and worn,

a ribbon undone, retied.

Integrally artistic.

They float across the stage again.

Ribbons fraying,

fabric worn in patches,

but still solid,

joyful to be part of the

mad whirling spiral of the moment

of the tale telling

then left to lie again in the dark,

dreaming of the past and what may be.

One purpose only,

to create a story, a moment, art.



Filed under acting and auditions, addictions, being creative, not exactly amusing

6 responses to “Desired for never quite achieved…

  1. Beautifully written, very beautiful… Lovely to have your words to read again x

  2. So beautiful. I hope you are doing well.

  3. Gorgeous lyricism here. And perfectly chosen shoes. :)

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