Avril’s 80’s…

Ok, the challenge has been set by Jodie atMummy Mayhem and once more than one other blogger took it up, most beautifully Naomi at “Under the Yardarm”, Plus many other I have failed to mention, I had to drag out the family photo albums and share with you all in no particular order – my 1980’s… (please forgive photo quality taken with webcam from albums)

This is 1983 – My first year at School – very blurry – sorry about that – My 1980’s style not much to talk about but I love Mum’s pink dress – i inherited this in 1988.

Also 1983, my 5th birthday party – I LOVED this dress, My Great Grandma made it for me :)

Favorite dress in 1984. I particularly loved it was made out of track suit material and had a corduroy pouch sewn

onto one side – needless to say – i chose this dress myself – one of very few :)

1985 – birthday again. Mum chose this stylish ensemble – Corduroy pants with shoulder straps, a windcheater with Scotty dogs and grey checked shirt underneath – and my permanent ribbon to say ‘this is a girl’ after I had all my hair cut off…

1986 or 7 not sure which – I know by this stage i was allowed to choose some of my own clothes, otherwise this windcheater (with matching headband) would never have been allowed

But oh how i adored it ;)

1987 – 9th birthday – Mum chosen outfit again stylish beret and black jumper with bows sewn on with buttons in the middle (Mum next to me has the best 80’s hair and outfit though :) )

Sometime between 1987-88 – Hot pink socks that I begged mum for, pink striped pants I adored (notice groovy rolled cuffs) and pale pink shirt chosen by Mum and GAH! The Cabbage Patch kid !!!

Brownie Camp – 1988 – I particularly love the style of the girl to my left. Needless to say i thought those shorts were the be all and end all of cool. I often wondered if I missed the cool gene by going to an all girls primary school…

1989 – Choir Photo and the start of puppy fat – am wearing a peach coloured ra-ra dress with white headband – oh dear…

Now this was technically 1990 – but i was finally a teenager and THIS was my first independent choice of clothing – the shirt was my Mum’s, I had it tucked in, black buckled brogues and brown belt and a bob with fringe, but half pulled back from my face – why did no kindly parent point out ways to deal with the puppy-fat? WHY!!!

Finally, because I love them and because they are seasonal – My santa photos..two of my favorite dresses, one a stray santa we ran into at Knox City, who i was terrified of, which is why he is holding my doll, from memory I am holding the serviette from a soft serve cone, but yes, all favorite clothing…

Now that humiliation is over, just to remind you – THIS is what I look like now (or did last night on the way to see Tim Minchin), might make working out which blur is me easier –



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8 responses to “Avril’s 80’s…

  1. Tim

    God, I feel so OLD! My 1980’s were uni first, then teacher-training, then a job. I’d better not rise to this particular blog challenge. Not with my old bones…

  2. Oooh, so hard to choose a favourite out of these outfits… I do love the corduroy pocket that looks like a sporran and those white-with-colours shorts. I think you were fortunate not to be older and more fashion conscious in the 80’s.

  3. I too feel so old, old, old! You’re younger than my baby sister! Oh dear me :)
    I laughed at the cabbage patch kids! Remember their adoption papers! Classic!!!
    I must say I’d be scared of any Santa I saw at Knox City…. actually most things at Knox are scary!
    And why, why, WHY did we all think a shirt tucked into jeans was such a good look???
    Thanks for sharing these photos :)

    • Ah, am older than I appear :)
      Oh Cabbage patch kids – I remember their ‘revival’ about two years ago and showing them to my daughter whos reaction was basically ‘WHY would I want a doll that looks like that?’ very wise, now I look back on them.
      I used to have nightmares about falling down the big empty space in the middle of Knox City, where they hung the giant Chrissy decorations :s.
      Oh lord, shirt tucked in, and that lasted for many many years didn’t it…sigh…
      I may have to do a ‘teen fashion’ blog :)

  4. Thea

    Ah yes, the drop waited dress made of track suit material…my little sister had one of those…she’s way older than you, too! LOL.
    Great photos, thanks for sharing. :)

    • Am starting to feel like a baby :) Must do a 90’s fashion post just to show everyone that yes, I did have a Bart simpson t-shirt, a peasant blouse, a spiral perm and a body suit with on of those halfway between a skivvy and no collar necks on it :)

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