That awkward age…

Bub 1 is entering a very awkward age. She is ten now, and acting like she is twenty sometimes, fourteen at others and 3 more often that you would belive.

I remember this age – but I was older – It seems to get younger with every generation…For me it was the Christmas I loved “Playing Beatie Bow”, and asked for a china doll and wanted to live in the 1800’s, when I felt out of place and like life just didn’t fit – the end of grade Six. I wanted to be in love and didn’t know what that meant.

She constantly needs hugs (which is lovely, although not so lovely when you are in the shower or carrying something from the stove)

We cannot tell her off for anything as even the slightest indication that she may have done something not ok can lead to one of three responses.

1. The Toddler – Screaming Crying, More Screaming, More Crying…cut to an hour later…Screaming , Crying, sniffle, Sob – try to talk about problem again stupid stubbornparent Repeat from Screaming.

2. The fourteen year old – I HATE you – stomping down the hall, bedroom door slams. Sobbing.

3. The sixteen year old – Silence. “Bub 1, can you answer me?” “murmur” “pardon?” “Yes” (with that GOD, you are just SO embarrassing, LEAVE me alone tone) “so why did you hit your brother/throw that toy out the window/draw on twenty pieces of paper then leave them all over the floor/take your shoes off at school AGAIN/take all the clothes out of your wardrobe” Silence. Repeat, about four times, at the end of which one of us does the fourteen year old – at the moment its about 50/50.

In addition she has started telling her brother what he should eat at dinner, when he should go to bed, to get off the computer, to have a bath etc. Which might be cute was he under one, but as he is 7 and perfectly capable of independent thought he finds this frustrating. As do we. Because then we have a grumpy 7 yr old as well as a grumpy 10 year old because we’ve told her she doesn’t need to parent her brother…

I think that her change between child and teenager (tween – pah – buzzword) is reflected in her christmas list…

Spore (DS game)


Wowie-alive pet polar bear (which will end up like the TechoPup she got two years ago -loved for a day – it died through too much dust collecting on it in May)

Laptop (What for?! I exclaimed – she shrugged “My friend has one”)

Plush toy(But you have so many and you don’t play with them – again – I exclaimed – yes I do, she said, just when I wake up really early and everyone else is still asleep)

Cap that I saw at Kmart (this she has wanted for MONTHS)

Sun Glasses (but only ’cause Mum said ‘Don’t you need sunglasses)

perfume Factory

Elastics (she discovered these the other night with my help – glad she likes that as an idea :) )

Face Paints.(Um – NO – I remember the last time we got some – she was a dog for three months- even at school at 6 that may be ok – not sure at ten?)

She also wants nailpolish and a mobile phone (to call who? Ummmm Dad?) and desperately wants to be grown up enough for a certain female undergarment and to wear makeup – yet has not asked for any, or jewelry, or any of the ‘goth’ (Black) clothes she admires so much when we go shopping.

This point in growing up need special parenting and I have no idea how to do it – I can’t treat her like a child, but she isn’t a teenager yet.

There is no naughty step, grounding doesn’t work as she doesn’t go out much.

Yelling is no go, she doesn’t care about removal of DS, TV or Computer use.

Nothing matters to her very much, except for any pain we or her friends cause her with the wrong words at the wrong time.

It must totally SUCK to be ten.



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6 responses to “That awkward age…

  1. 41BabyProject

    Lovely post :-) Very real and true.

  2. Thea

    Oh boy, and it must totally be draining to be the ten year old’s mum!
    I’ve got 5 years to go….I’m scared already. lol ;)

  3. Um, you are scaring me! I want to hear that it gets easier.
    I remember 10. My parents got divorced. It was awful and hard. My body was changing and hromones were crazy. I have much sympathy for her and you.

    • Oh – wow – yes, that happened to me at around the same age too – horrid isn’t it. Definately gets better, she can discuss life the world and everything, can be purely lovely, and is the sweetest thing ever :), and she actually Understands the difference between and wrong…
      It gets different :)

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