Advice or the house movers lament…

I need advice.

And this seems as good a place to get it as any, as i know that most if not all of the people who read this blog will offer help or at least amusing suggestions which will distract me from the situation.

We are moving interstate. To move all of our ‘stuff’ would cost upwards of $2000, which is totally unfeasible.

But then, I am of the opinion that as we have a good twenty boxes that haven’t been unpacked since the last move, that the majority of my children’s toys spend more time underfoot than they do being played with, that a new table will cost about 90% less than it would cost to move out current one  and my wardrobe seems to have grown wildly out of control, as has my daughters*.

So maybe, just maybe, we should move the bare minimum of stuff that we *need* actually need instead of luxury items, like fridges and washing machines, and put the rest of our ‘stuff’ in storage, from which we could transport a small amount each year when we come down to Melbourne for Christmas and to see family.

So, my dear blog readers, is this idea reasonable? Can a family survive without a blender? Will it be possible for children to live without the toys they have not played with in a year? And will I be able to part with the clothes that I have not worn in 4 years?*

*facts in this blog may be slightly exaggerated, I’m sure the toys get shoved under the couch or bed occasionally.



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5 responses to “Advice or the house movers lament…

  1. I say pare down. It is amazing how much stuff we collect that we don’t even use. Get rid of it, I say. But keep the good stuff. Keep the stuff you aren’t sure about.

  2. Thea

    You can totally do that! The less we have…amazing, the less we seem to ‘need’. It’ll be refreshing. :)

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