A Holiday Card for You :)

Thanks to The Dotterel  at Bringing Up Charlie I have been inspired to give all of my blog readers and all of my Twitter followers what I do with obsession every year – that is send out hundreds of Christmas Cards .

Only this year – thanks to Bub 2’s ever improving drawing skills and my slightly greener conscience we are opting for the internet version, which people can print, or not.

Except for family and friends who don’t have computers, or who have low bandwidth or maybe even some who i really don’t like so i want them to know that ‘yes i only spent less than a cent and virtually none of my time or thought on you here is a dodgy picture of a camel who I may feel obliged to send cards to – the rest are getting e-cards.

So here, for you, my new friends, is something very Special Indeed.

Merry Christmas. Happy Chanukah. Happy Yule. Have a wonderful New Year :)


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