Bests of 2009…

Thanks to Colour cubic for best 2009 imge I could find.

This is one of those posts that shouldn’t be happening right now – I should be writing about the wonderful Gabfran and Law and Shoes and how wonderful she is to give me a blog award, and how I feel about said blog award. But that deserves a truly magical and wonderful blog.  But as my mind feels like it is stuffed with cotton wool I am going to copy a blog I saw on Camel Shoes . A truly delightful blog.

And this will sooth my brain because it requires minimal thought…
So here is my Best 31 things of 2009…soon to be followed by my 31 things to do before I am 32…One thing at at time and Gabfran deserves my attention before I do more than one blog…she really rocks :)
Anyway – 31 bests of 2009…particulraly as bests have been hard to find..

1)best book
“Forbidden Fruit” by Kerry Greenwood – brilliant author, love all her stuff all the time – find it here

2)best movie
Not best necessarily, but most inspiring for me was the remake of Fame, I loved how they did it, loved watching it, and it made me happy for at least 24 hours afterwards song

I have to say it was a tie between Kate Miller-Heidke “I just Can’t Shake it”, “Last Day on Earth” and Jason Mraz and Colbie Callait singing “Lucky” album

Alanis Morisette – The Collection.  So Rock – Tim Minchin. destination

Sydney :) definitely Sydney, too much has happened there this year for it not to be.

6. best blog find

Too many of them – look at my twitter lists and my bookmarks on my ever suffering laptop to see why I can’t just pick one – but first blog find, not written by someone well known – Josie at Sleep is For the Weak for introducing me to a whole new world :) trip:

Most recent one to Sydney which can be read about two posts before this one :)

8. best restaurant moment:

Actually eating at an Italian restaurant in Sydney – first time I’d eaten in one in years :) moment of peace:

This makes me laugh. actually i think it was on a train coming home from Sydney when I something in my head just clicked and I worked out what I wanted to do with my life. challenge:

Drama school auditions, and regular blogging :) Both have been wonderful place:

The beach. Always has been my favorite and my best, as Lola would say, always will be. new food:

Pitta bread wraps with jarlsberg, Avocado, baby spinach and cucumber. Am eating REAL food :) change i’ve made:

Ah that one is a bit too much for the blog, let me just say I’ve stopped doing something that while not too bad for me made me and others unhappy. And it isn’t an option for me anymore which is great :) Amazing even when I think of where I was this time last year tea of the year:

Peppermint. saying of the year :

Anything preceded by a hashtag, usually as random as possible (oh dear – just said random – #toomuchtimewith9yearold – there – see?) shop of the year:

Etsy – haven’t bought anything but I LOVE it. project of the year:

Rehearsing for acting auditions and also trying NaNoWriMo – have never written so much.

18. best learning experience:

Learning to put up boundaries and not to trust so easily – or trying to. gift:

Not good with ‘bests’ with gifts – no real favorite… aha! moment:

(I hate this expression, but as it is a origionally used one it must be used in list – I call them a ‘slapping the forehead moment’) When I worked out that I’d be better off without my parents in the country, as much as it hurts now, this hurts more than the damage they routinely do while here. social web moment:

Meeting such a wonderful group of parents and others on Twitter who are so amazingly supportive and caring and wonderful and hilarious and silly and intelligent and just great- these are people who know me only through my Tweets and my Blog, yet are kinder to me than many people I know in ‘real world’ and are generally far far more supportive. So if you are reading this – YOU ROCK! and I appreciate you!

22. Best Moment with Children

Being on the manly ferry and freaking out because of turbulence – children held my hands, when it had calmed down took me outside to see the beautiful sea and told me I was brave :) they were amazing.

23. Best item of clothing bought –

The dress I bought for me that Bub 1 ended up wearing to my cousin’s wedding. Beautiful, but I like a skirt i can bend over in (note to self, do more clothes shopping in new year)

24. Best TV show discovered –

True Blood. I love Buffy – True Blood is something completely other and of course with True Blood goes the books that i also love.

25. Best DVD movie watched

– Juno, still, over and over again, Fo’ Shizzle.

26. Best DVD TV series watched –

Firefly, Dr Who (the new ones) and Black Books. I can’t have a best out of them.

27. Best new TV series discovered –

Flight of the Conchords watch them here

28. Best YouTube Clip –

“Beached As” – love it, kids love it and they also love it when DOC says ‘Six Chips’ in a New Zealand Accent :) If you had asked me last year it would have been “Death Star Canteen”.

29. Best thing watched on YouTube –

The hours of Tim Minchin – particularly ‘White Wine in the Sun” and the opening and closing of the comedy festival gala 2007 – very clever man.

30. Best person to be inspired by –

If I was going to go by famous people I have many – Tim Minchin, Kate Miller-Heidke, Alanis Morisette, Naomi Watts, Claire Bowditch – the list goes on and on. In ‘real world’ the many new people I have met on Twitter come in here too – they show me that I’m doing ok at this whole mothering thing and are encouraging amazing and supportive and inspiring in so many ways. If I’m going real world one of my best friends who has just finished his acting degree, gotten an agent and work and is trying to live his dream under extremely difficult circumstances yet still has enough time to deal with my texts :)

31. best resolution you wish you stuck to: I made no resolutions last New Years Eve. I have many to make this year.

There – done – phew – brain is now definitely cotton wool.

And Gabfran, I promise you a wonderous blog full of bells and whistles – tomorrow, when my brain is back :)

Thank you to  camelshoes and and



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8 responses to “Bests of 2009…

  1. It’s great that you could find so many great things about this year, given how very crappy it’s been for you in many ways. I’m proud of you for what you have accomplished, and your bravery, and for still finding the good and holding onto hope even at the worst times.

    Here’s to a fantastic 2010!

  2. Thea

    No. 21! Loved all of them….but 21 struck a chord with me. I feel the same. Love knowing you through Twitter & blogging!! xx

  3. That was a good list. And I know that next year you will have an even better list.

  4. Aw thank you so much lovely. I love your beautifully positive list. Here’s to a fabulous 2010 – can’t wait to share it’s ups and downs with you (but mostly ups for you ok? I have decreed it…)

  5. Great list! Love the positive way it reads, and was written :) It’s the second best of list I’ve read, I love the idea! I too agree with 21 – twitter and blogging are so much more than I ever thought they would be, so thanks for being a part of it :)

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