for @porridgebrain who loves toast and deserves this..

Having received this wonderful award from @Gabfran at Law and Shoes (Caveat Calcei) I have been in a fluster.

There are too many blogs that I love, that I admire for different reasons, that I regularly enjoy in the manner of a favorite television show, that I begin to pine for if not posts are forthcoming…

But when it came down to it, I had to go with this particular blogger, for several reasons…

1. I do love her words – they transport me to another world, they make me rejoice or cry and she is so talented with them.

2. Hers was the first blog that I read which was not celebrity written, that inspired me to write my own.

3. She gives us a weekly writing workshop – which I love and my blog would not have survived without and..

4. She is just delightful, lovely, caring and wonderful.

When it came down to it, this award just fitted her and her blog the most.

So, to Josie at “Sleep is for the Weak” here ’tis…

For Josie :)

An award most richly deserved.

Just think – if you can write this well on such minimal sleep, then you are going to be unfathomable-y brilliant when you are regularly sleeping for six to eight hours a night…

Josie ” mostly blogs about her love of writing, being tired, toast and why on earth no-one told her motherhood was this hard.” and I love it all – particularly the toast :)

Now for the fine print – you can accept this award by commenting on this blog, or on yours, but acceptance must occur within 48 hours of receiving notification of award.

You must pass this award on within 5 days of receiving – or something will happen to small puppies wearing Santa hats – I have nothing to do with the puppies, in fact if you ask me I will deny all knowledge of said puppies…but puppies there are…according to The NDM

So, Finally, Thank you Josie, for being such a good twitter and blog friend, for caring, for sharing so much of your life for the writing prompts, for advent rabbit, for making me smile and cry, for just being you and having such a wonderfully unique voice.

And just for you, because I know you love her music…and I love the lyrics and this video rocks :) Alanis Morisette – Hands Clean



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2 responses to “for @porridgebrain who loves toast and deserves this..

  1. Oh THANK YOU!!!! What a lovely lovely surprise and a very special Christmas present. I am honoured to receive it and shall pass it on with pride xxxx

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