To @Gabfran -The Best Christmas Present Ever

This Christmas was bound to be one which was not the most enjoyable. I am trying to plan the move of me, DOC, Bub 1 and Bub 2 interstate, My parents have just moved overseas forever and several other miscellaneous Very Bad Things have happened in the last week or so…

But then I received this :

Thank You so much @Gabfran at

From Gabfran at Caveat Calcei – A blog I have loved since I found it. Law and Shoes, the most unlikely mix, written by an amazing woman who is so kind, intelligent, witty and delightful, with an amazing collection of shoes which has in turn inspired me to try and wear more than Converse in the New Year (and that is a tricky feat my dear readers) (did you see what i did there – with  the homophone thing?). It is a blog I was bound to love from its title – Love Latin, learnt it at school, anyone who is bold and brave enough to title their blog in it has my immediate respect. She has proven to be nothing but delightful, a wonderful conglomeration of Mum and Lawyer and Yoga teacher and Shoe addict and brilliant friend. In all honesty she has made my move interstate feel so much easier because even *if* i was never to meet her, there would be another mother in the state who I could tweet to and who would respond to such vital inquiries as – “I’m at Darlinghurst – where has good coffee- I have three children with me – help?” or “Where do I find good cheap black shoes before tonight – GAH! its 4.30”.

Plus her blog is amazingly well written and always makes me smile, even when it is not a *QLTMRB* blog (Quietly Laughing to myself while reading Blog), it is always a privilege and delight to read.

So to receive this award from someone I admire  greatly meant and means so much – it has made my holiday and will sustain me for quite some time in the happier than I would otherwise be stakes.

Thank you from the depths of my heart, thank you – This means so much to me, as does your friendship and your comments.

Thank you.

NB – Thank you also to all my other Twitter friends -as I wrote yesterday you are so much cared for and valued by me.

Oh and to avoid the ritualistic Puppy Slaying should i not pass this on – see the next post :)



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7 responses to “To @Gabfran -The Best Christmas Present Ever

  1. Whenever you need any questions of whatever nature answered, I am here or there or possibly anywhere. Other than Darlinghurst in general but I *can* be there. We all love you x

  2. congrats to you – and if you like, i can email you the html code so the badge on the right of your blog can be smaller. it’s smaller on my site. let me know.


  3. okay, i’ve since learnt a little bit about blogger layout and, as it turns out, you don’t need a html or whatever. you can just go to my blog, right click and save the smaller icon, and the add it as a ‘picture’ rather than ‘html’ on your sidebar. you probably know this. i am a little slow.

    at the moment mine’s about 150×150 pixels but i think i am going to resize the bigger version to make it more like 200×200 if you’d rather wait.

    cheers x

    • Yup – not that I thought of that – Lets just call it New Years Exhaustion means I can’t think of the obvious and that lots of people use code constatntly so I often forget the simple.
      Thank you for letting me use yours – will fit in better :)

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