10 things that Make me Happy…

Both Naomi at “Under the Yardarm” and Thea at “Do I Really Want To Blog” tagged me in this I get to list ten things that make me happy and then tag ten others to do it – and as it is 2010 I figure what a better way to start it off than by listing ten things that make me happy.
I think being tagged twice to do something makes me very happy indeed :) (Thanks guys *hugs*)

But that gets a special mention – not part of the list…

1. Acting – There really is nothing that makes me feel as happy or as free or as me. I’m addicted. I love it. And in 2010 I get to do it ALL THE TIME!!! And you will be hearing all about it :). Also in this bracket seeing theatre and film (watching of ) inspire me.

2. Friends – Friends in my life have been very hard to come by, for a multitude of reasons, but this year I have been very lucky and re-created one of my closest friendships, and found so many more friends on Twitter and via Blogging – I have been so lucky and everyone’s kindness and generosity makes me Very Happy Indeed.

3. Books. Books make me happy. Reading makes me happy. Also in this bracket writing makes me happy. I can consume books at an alarming rate. A book has to be very very bad for me not to like it. I still found something of value in the Goosebumps books of my daughter.

4. Music and Lyrics – as you may know from an earlier post, these are an integral part of my life, always will be.

5. The Ocean. The sea is my home. was the one constant in my childhood and when I am on a beach I am at peace. I find i don’t fear the animals that live in the Ocean, but I have a healthy respect for them and hence find boat travel not the easiest thing in the world. But the sea makes me feel complete.

6. My family – the wonderful extended complex network of people who care about me, and love me no matter what I’m going through. Special mentions go to my children who always, unexpectedly, just when I’ve reached the WHY did I do this Mothering thing again, turn around and make me smile or laugh.

7. Food. Food makes me happy, cooking makes me happy. Eating does not, but I’m working on that. Food brings joy and togetherness. I desperately want a kitchen with a dining table in it where I can cook and feed my family and friends and live :)

8. Photos – you would not believe my Picasa album, seriously. I need a better camera :). I love the memories they capture.

9. Clothes – we have a love/hate relationship – I love buying them and looking at them – wearing them is another matter altogether. Also under this comes my bag obsession. I have so many bags it is ridiculous.

10. The internet. Without it I would be lost and alone and very uninformed.

Now to name my ten…

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Happy 2010 all :)



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10 responses to “10 things that Make me Happy…

  1. Lovely… and also damit as i forgot to say books in my 10! I too long for a big kitchen with an long kitchen table in it to feed and nurture and share and love… one day we will both have this :)

  2. There will be an abundance of all these things this year. Despite being further away from the (extended) family, I think you’ll be closer, given how things have changed lately. And the acting!! You’ll finally fill your own shoes, so to speak. :)

  3. This makes me happy. Thank you.

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  5. the dotterel

    Thanks for the tag, and as it inspired such a fascinating post (you’ve set the bar high there!) I’m already inspired.

    Have a great 2010!

  6. I’ll really have to think hard about this one! Happy new year!

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