For years – since I first heard it, or read it, I have been avoiding ‘LOL’ like the plague.

There was something just too teenage about it, why could i not just say – ‘You make me laugh” or ‘Funny” or “hilarious’ (yes I am one of those annoying people who writes texts in complete sentences). It reminded me of fringe flicking, and should be accompanied about “Like,Fully,For sure” . I was Very hard line about this.

Then came the WarCraft year – stop looking at me like that- it is fun, it is, particularly in winter in a house with no TV. And I’m an Actor – it was good for character development, and you get to be cool things like a Mage and a healer and go round killing giant spiders and choose the clothes they wear and the type of horns they have and…ok, yes, I can be a geek.

But the warCraft year introduced me to MANY abbreviations – such as BRB’ (Be Right Back) and ROFL” (Rolling on Floor Laughing) and one that meant you needed to use the toilet , but i can’t remember it – all needed in multiplayer action games when you have seconds to communicate with the person playing with you and sitting next to you on the couch when you only have three seconds to kill the giant mutant bear… Anyway…

Recently I have also been avoiding what seems to be the ‘LOL’ replacement , according to my teenage cousins webpage at any rate “hahahahah”. (I want to write on every one of her friends pages asking them to PLEASE just add that extra ‘a’ before I go insane- but I don’t, see, good cousin…Anyway…

Twitter however made abbreviations necessary – you have limited characters – it is very necessary to get your point across in as much detail as possible without running out of lette..(see what I did there – ha ha?)

And recently I found myself writing “LOL’ which was a blatant lie – I seldom, if ever Laugh Out Loud at something I’m reading.

Hence I came up with QLTMRT – Quietly Laughing To Myself Reading Twitter – much more realistic than ‘ROFL” as if I did I would

1. drop my laptop and break it

2. Fall on leggo or bionicle or a DS game out of it case, or something pointy, injurious or hard


3. Knock myself out on the giant chest we have as a coffee table – or maybe all three.

Thus I often QLTMRT.

I also often QLTMRB – Quietly Laughing To Myself Reading Blog

and now my new addition, inspired by The NDMLSHCCOMN – Laughing so hard Coffee Came Out My Nose – also true – it has happened – three times and counting.

And my new addition to the Twitter community today – I was reading a blog by the afore-mentioned NDM and there was a comment i could not let go unseen.

Thus instead of RT-ing (Re-Tweeting) it which would have made no sense as it was not a Tweet – I RB (Re-Blogged) the quote with a RT after the RB

There are so many good blog moments that get lost out there in the blogosphere – i am hoping Re-Blogging of quotes takes off – and if not, i got a very interesting thought indeed about Bert Newton out there for those waking late on new years day morning to enjoy :)

And my abbreviations are all true. This is why I like them so much I think. And I hope they are at least mildly entertaining for those of you in my Twitterverse or Bloggosphere..

Now to get them used by everyone…and to get the teens of today to put an ‘a’ on the end of their ‘ha’s.

(oh and the title – Blog Post Inspired By Mr Trivia)

(another point of note – this post in no way references ‘LOLCATS” they are a different matter altogether)



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10 responses to “*BPIBMT*

  1. I like this! I too hate lol, unless using in a sarcastic tone… I also hate tomoz… but that’s another story! I have found myself writing lol then cringing lately though… but now I will stop, and just let my tweeps know I have peppermint tea coming out my nose instead!

  2. I love the RB idea. Brilliant. Might I pinch the idea and do likewise?

  3. I LOVE your abbreviations.
    I do use LOL, though, because I quite frequently do, much to the consternation of my husband, who has no idea what is causing me such hysteria and interfering with his QEOTV (quiet enjoyment of television).

  4. I feel honoured and proud to have been the wind beneath your wings for two more acronyms. Because the world needs them. More than we will ever know. (I think this is the point where I’m supposed to say LOL at my own joke).

  5. I am absolutely behind you in this campaign. LOL offends on many levels. It doesn’t pass the truth test, as you demonstrated, but I think it simply isn’t correct onomatopoeically or sonorously, either. I probably sound like a bit of wanker right now, but what I think what I mean is the sound that LOL makes in your head is absolutely nothing like the sound of Laughing Out Loud. Which is why the whippersnapper’s with their hahaha or heeheeehee or (sometimes ironic) bwaahaahaa! are closer to The Truth.

    I think for some of us LOL might be twitching the part of the brain that feels ‘loll’ upon reading the three letter acronym and that’s far from the act of actually LOLing as well.

    So let us banish LOL to the outer reaches of history; Back in the ‘noughties where it belongs. Let’s put it on a dusty shelf behind mayhap, ha’penny and seldom. Let us be able to say, that we seldom wrote LOL and barely remember it.

    P.S. Thank you for you lovely acknowledgment @aprilke. One day into 2010 and I have inspired somebody. This bodes well for the year. (SQTHSA aka Smiles Quietly To Himself Slightly Awkwardly).

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