The Move That Went Ever So Slightly Wrong…

**NB please excuse typos and unformatting am doing this via email and am unused to it**The Move where it all went wrong…

The flat has red carpet, red dark rose patterned carpet. It has three tables covered in red cloths with a large pale pink vase of fake flowers in the middle of the ‘coffee table’ and a gold swirly lamp thing
on the smaller one. All the windows have net curtains – lounge- orange swirls, kitchen with duck, my room pink with black scroll pattern.
In addition none of the fixtures and fittings have changed since the 70’s, or maybe 60’s.
except the stove, for which I am grateful.
It has sliding doors which I like in a flat.
But, the windows have fly wire and there is a body corporate manager who rules with an iron list (washing only to be hung out on Monday for this flat), Letter today about washing hung
out the window of flat 4 – A very big no-no – but they are taking this as a signal that more clothesline is needed, and the communal areas are very clean so i kind of like it – as long as I don’t get in trouble…

It started with the planning, or lack thereof and the underestimation of the amount of STUFF that two children can accumulate.
See I made the mistake of assuming it was only the things that I saw and that they played with they owned.
HA! Oooh no. There is also the treasure troves of things much much too precious to be thrown out that have been hidden at the bottoms of boxes, under beds or at the back of wardrobes..
things like the littlest pet shop brush for the toy with no fur.
Or the train set which has not been played with all year.
Or the encyclopaedia with one paragraph on a very strange selection of topics.
And that is where the two days of bargaining starts – the if we get rid of this i will buy you a battery for you tamogotchi (even though I know you won’t play with it and watch batteries are fifteen dollars)
And that was the just the first two days..

Actually, I suppose it really started with the ad on Gumtree.
The Ad for the reasonably priced flat, that when it was called about was larger than stated.
That although it had red carpet in the ad, we were sure they told our friend who inspected it would have new carpet.
The flat that we had to be in Sydney in ONE WEEK to sign the papers for.
And that seemed like such a good idea – a flat in an area we had looked in for schools etc.
A solid place to start a new life instead of a hotel.

So a whirlwind week of packing and sending ( I still maintain that when you have one pantry to pack a kitchen should not take 24 hrs to pack) via nice removalists (they were the best bit), it is thanks to them I am sitting on a futon mattress not an airbed.
Of the donation truck that had been organised to pick up many items and much furniture but said it had been sent for two boxes and two bags.
A week where the CAT cost more to get here (by $200) than we did – all 4 of us.
A week where we rushed around like silly people trying to get too much stuff into storage in too little time.
A week where I was ill, kids were anxious and angry.
A week of farewells and bon voyages and tears for my Melbourne that I love but just reminds me of so much sad in so many suburbs and i can’t just stick to those it doesn’t anymore.
So here we are and its been 4 days of rushing to meet the landlord, of rushing to meet rental appliances, of plumbers ‘rushing’ ( i use this term lightly) to our flat to fix a broken toilet.
4 days of being asked if we are SURE we haven’t flushed anything else down the toilet (yes, we are, no not the cardboard in the roll and no toys, Bub 1 and 2 waay too old for that, its been like it since we arrived)
And the Plumber comes back tomorrow to fix the toilet AGAIN.
Coupled with this I have had gastro something plus severe exhaustion – walk three steps collapse, stay awake for an hour,, need sleep – timing is not good- fear it is anxiety and new water (similar things happened when I moved to Perth I have a dodgy stomach) so am hoping bottled water and rest will help.
Also I have very little internet on my pre paid stick thing that I am eeking out – missing my twitter and blog friends dreadfully.
Its also been a week of true people in my life – of well wishes on twitter, of discovering what you really mean to someone when you ask huge favours (like will you put my cat on a plane and remove all large furniture left in house and it actually happens – that means a lot to me) as opposed to those to busy
to even send an email *coughparentwingecough*

There will be photos forthcoming of this kitch new home. And its transformation.
As Bub 2 said last night, it isn’t hawthorn and its smaller, but I like it and its home now.
And there will be updates on the state of the toilet – nothing worse in a house with children than a broken toilet except, oh, did I mention NO INTERNET FOR TWO WEEKS and NO TV…
Who’s bright idea was that eh..oh yeah, teach them to play my arse – teach them to flop around and argue and say I’m bored in fifteen different tones..
But still – what a week it has been.

And i could end with something like it can only get better from here – except if i do it will undoubtedly get worse…superstitious – me – never…



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8 responses to “The Move That Went Ever So Slightly Wrong…

  1. Well, I am hoping it will get better! And that you all settle in comfortably.

  2. It will get better from here. It will. x

  3. It is hard, it really is, but as you know I’ve been there. And it’s amazing what a few weeks and bit of your own style can do to make a house a home. And, as someone who lived with a bathroom with fake black marble, an apricot spa bath (thats didn’t even work) and gold painted trim *shudder* the bits that you can’t fix, you can laugh at!
    Keep your eye on the prize, and remember it’s not forever.
    I miss you on twitter and here too. xxx

  4. Well superstition says it’s OK if it comes from someone else, so…

    it can only get better from here!

    Looking forward to your updates and hope you feel much better soon!!! xx

  5. It will SO get better! It will!!

    The best thing about starting with nothing is that it can ONLY get better. When we moved into our tiny house we had no carpets, no heating and a shower that only worked if there was a ‘r’ in the month. And that was just me and Ant, no Kai then, so I really really do sympathise.

    Just remember you are HERE! You made it! And now slowly, tiny pieces at a time you can build your new life. Give it a month, give it six. I have every faith you are going to make it wonderful because that’s what you are.

    Miss you too. Much love to the family xxx

  6. Moving sucks. It will get better and soon will feel like a home.

  7. 41BabyProject

    Have just been there myself – although not interstate…
    Yes moving is horrid, isn’t it – you just have to plough through it until you reach the other side.
    You’ll be ok. Breathe deeply and look around.

  8. It’s a station. And at the same time it’s where you and your family are so it’s a home.

    The carpet sounds kind of unique, admittedly, but I judge everywhere I live now by the standards of a bedsit in a converted garage in Cornwall next to the house drains. Sofa bed. Huge spider I made friends with because it kept the fly population under control. Diet of peanut butter sandwiches and pasta.

    Hope the illness is getting under control – nothing worse than being in a new place with the lurgy.

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