Rose Coloured World…

your head is so dark and tangled wool and glue mess
that there just isn’t space.

there is too much black to not balance out the white
in your world of no grey

the fear that you face, the horror you have seen
is all that can be in your head.

You just can’t see the rest of the world for
the tangled forest of nightmares in between you and it

and you know that
horror is happening everywhere

and you know that
somehow you should find the room in your broken heart to more than care

and you know that
there is a very strong limit on what you can handle and what you can do

you switch of the news and avoid newspapers
because reality is terrifying

Your horror is the easier option because
humanity and our responses are just so lacking in every way

the blind ignorance you put in place
is the only thing that will make you stay sane
your rose coloured world because..

How can we be so blind when there are so many people in pain and dying
How can we not help, not do, not assist in every way
How do we function as creatures in a world we are killing
with people we know are getting more damaged each day

So in my rose coloured world I will stay
with its black and white and tangled nights of nightmares past
because i can’t fix it
this world we’ve broken
and that breaks me more
than reading and seeing and able to do nothing.



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3 responses to “Rose Coloured World…

  1. Oh honey.

    You can’t do any good in the world unless you come from a position of togetherness. Sometimes feeling is just too much, overwhelming and destructive to you. It helps no-one. I am guilty of this too and have to be very careful what I choose to let myself feel, although feel I have to sometimes.

    Hate that you feel so much pain. That make me sad and hurt for you and wish I could take it away. I really, really do :( xx

  2. Sometime we just have to focus on ourselves. We can keep one ear to the world and our heart to us.

  3. You can’t fix the whole world but you can fix the tiniest bit around you. It’s a start. Resistance! Resistance is so important. And I do believe that it has an impact.

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