Neglected blog and First Days

Dear Blog,

I am so sorry that you have been so greatly neglected over the last few weeks. This has been due to many reasons – the main one being I haven’t had the internet to go to your homepage and do the blogs PROPERLY, I haven’t been able to add pretty pictures, and that would leave you underdressed, for this I am sorry.

During this time you have missed a couple of interesting events…First time ever to try and convince a very reluctant Super of building to call out a plumber on Australia Day as toilet was about to overflow – not our doing – but the amount he ranted about cost and how lucky we were to be signed into a twelve month lease so the owner couldn’t raise the rent to have a working toilet – surely they can’t do that, I’m in Sydney, not, I don’t know, an impoverished part of Africa… houses since the 1900’s have had toilets out the back and nightwatchmen..included in the rent I’m sure..but that Australia day i would have been happy to be back in a National Park with a composting toilet – and that takes a lot. (you know my low tolerance for ‘going bush’).

Another First : The invention of the ‘skink game’ wehave no car, therefore have to walk everywhere, with a 8 yr old and 10 yr old in tow – this often takes 20 times longer than neccesary, especially when it is hot, as it is, in summer – thus I invented ‘the skink game" first child to spot 100 skinks gets an icy pole when we get home…everyone knows where we are now as the children barrel down the road shouting "SKINK" every two seconds and rendering the poor sleeping in the sun little lizards premeturely deaf – but it often gets us home, oh, five minuites earlier than if I hadn’t had the bright idea….

Another first – Bub 1 and Bub 2 started at their new school – their uniform combines the yellow of lines painted on the road and the blue of the Sydney bus company – we will not lose them in a crowd. Bub 1 had a brilliant day, Bub 2 not so good – but we shall see how second day goes tomorrow.

Another First – Along has come Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – leaving me exhausted, achey, headachey and nauseous – it is horrible and I don’t know how to cope.

And the final first – I started my much longed for acting course – I had orientation and got given FREE BOOKS – okay – I paid for them, but not when I was given them so they felt free – and everyone there is just so happy to be there – people have moved from Queensland and Far distant parts of the state to be there so it MUST be good, right?

But the biggest first of all? Living for almost a month (or so it feels) with no regular internet. I miss my tweeps, I miss my blog, I miss reading blogs and I hate watching the little graph count down my remaining internet time…get your act together N**Space – I paid you to transfer the internet and I’d like it NOW please – may be going slightly insane from deprivation..
So here for you my lovely waiting for me blog is a picture to make you pretty and a post because you have been neglected – lets hope it all shows up on the page…

because we have been seeing black and white butterflies and blue and black butterflies everywhere :)

Am also thinking I cannot call my Bub’s Bubs anymore – at 8 and 10 they just are not – very sad :( any alternate ideas welcome – am thinking "the Monkey" and "Willfull One" at the moment….



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3 responses to “Neglected blog and First Days

  1. So good to have you back, I missed your blog! And while everything is still new you sound like you’re starting to settle in.
    I love the pretty picture.
    And I think ‘the Monkey’ and ‘Willfull One’ are great names! xx

  2. Glad that you are all settling in. Hope you love school! And the school days get better for both kids.

  3. Missing you lots and thinking of you.

    So sorry you are feeling rubbish. You must email if you need chat – any time (if you can get internet working that is!)

    Hope you are all settling into your new routines. It all sounds so exciting but I know it must be more overwhelming than anything else! xx

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