How I learned to contact text books…Or working with sticky backed paper…

I was in year seven. I was lonely and afraid in my big new bitchy private school, so I started spending ALL my time in the school library, even class time. In the end the librarians put me to work. My first job was covering books…so here is how I was taught to cover books by some lovely teachers who cared about a very lost and sad 12 year old girl…

1. Place book on contact with backing paper on.
2. Draw a ‘L’ at each outside corner of the book, and a line at the spine (from book to edge of contact.
3. Roll book accross contact to get spine width then repeat the ‘L’s and lines for other side.
4. Cut contact to marks, sloping on the parts that need to fold around the cover as, shown in diagram of "Cut Contact with Marks"
5. Pull back half of backing paper to just past the place for the spine.
6. Place spine on sticky contact then carefully "Roll" book onto sticky side of contact.
7. smooth out air bubbles.
8. Fold in the flaps around the back cover.
9. put all book on the covered cover, flat.
10, Carefully draw the backing paper off the remaining contact and as you do smooth it across the fron cover.
11. Smooth out bubbles.
12. Fold in the flaps around the front cover.

I am anticipating doing much of this next week and am not looking forward to it…
But at least it is here and may help a parent who has just ended up with 3/4 of the contact they purchased stuck to halp the book and half the carpet – as I sometimes do when I don’t follow "the method’ or just anyone who likes covering books for any reasons.

Here are the diagrams…( I hope)
May the sticky backed paper be with you…



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4 responses to “How I learned to contact text books…Or working with sticky backed paper…

  1. Well I’ve done 1 book this way… and it worked! Thanks! I think doing 1 book deserves a break! :)

  2. the dotterel

    I shall never get into a mess when doing this again. Can you post instructions for getting cling-film off the roll in one piece next, please?

  3. I used to participate in a reading program with kids in a disadvantaged school. I was assigned to read with a girl in six grade but she could already read beautifully. She didn’t need my assistance and would become bored and frustrated. While she didn’t need help with reading, she needed a friend. The school librarian picked up on this while watching us one day and decided we were more useful helping cover books. She taught us the same technique. After much laughter and many air bubbles we managed to break through a few barriers and were on the way to being friends.
    This wonderful girl starts high school this year after winning a scholarship to a select school. I am so proud of her I could burst.

  4. Oh yes and I just tried to contact childs books in this manner HA HA HA!!! they have bits of desk stuck in them – cheap contact – not wise decision…

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