A story I was told…

I’m ill, in an "I can’t move unless it is rushing to the bathroom" kind of way and it is not fun.Also my stupid pre-paid internet cut me off before i had used my data limit…
But I have a good yet sad story to tell – names have been changed to protect the people who told me…

As many of you know i started at a new Acting school this week (exciting, exciting, nervous, nervous) and on orientation night I was seated next to Jess, an 18 yr old who had moved to Sydney also to do the course, who I had met at auditions for another school and we were chatting, then our voice teacher Emily joined us.

she is an amazing woman – travelled in India these holidays with her 2yr old and 5 yr old, has learnt in so many places, complimented my scar and suddenly i was telling her about my life, all of it, the bad stuff that had happened with medications, why i was here and she GOT it, she had been there too (this kind of thing means a lot to me – anyway) so poor Jess is sitting between us possibly terrified by the too crazy** women talking about their children and wondering what the HELL she was doing her when Emily asked us who are favorite actresses were…Jess said Jonny Depp – multiple oohs and Aaahs – I said Naomi Watts and also, even though it was very sad, Heath Ledger (he is and always will be). Thus we began talking about the tragedy of his death and the wonderfulness of his life…. Then Emily told us an amazing story, in a night of amazing stories.
She had met a rather famous actress who was currently over in LA fairly recently, calling her Amy, and Amy had told her this story.

Amy had known Heath Ledger quite well and she and some of his friends had gathered together for a dinner a few weeks after his death.
They had talked and reminisced and rejoiced his life and then his tattoo artist, who was there, began tattooing some people, they wanted something tangible to remember him by – there were butterflies, and doves and Amy (which was how the story had started – emily had asked about her tattoo) Had "I CANB’T GET YOU OUT OF MY HEAD" tatooed down her arm…
Emily asked why this to remind her of Heath.
and Amy said because that was the last text message he had sent her, spelling error thanks to predictive text.

And I think that THAT is the best tattoo exisiting in the world today. It will make her smile and cry and it is REAL.

I love acting school.

**crazy in the BEST way :)



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2 responses to “A story I was told…

  1. Love this story! Love it! And you know all the best people are crazy in a good way!

  2. There’s a tattoo thing going on (reinforced by the first commenter having been Nomie!) that really seems to be telling me I should get another one. I finally got supermum to watch Batman Returns – second time for me – and it’s as though Ledger’s operating in a completely different, higher movie.

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