I know this is a stretch – I know – but these are the people that inspire me every day and I think that they are public figures, being in the blogging community and all…

You have all made my life better in even some small way, you have made a circle of friends for me that I have never had before and i will be eternally greatful for this.

Thank you for writing, for sharing your lives and for support in many, many different ways.

I’ve also listed people on here who I count as friends or inspiration because they are so like me and they make my life easier that way – just by existing…

so here, for my internet family, my inspiring comforting and honest family…

To those who simply inspire me – thank you – you are still part of my circle…

Josie –

Thea –

Gabfran –

Naomi –

Kerri –

Emily –

The NDM –

Camelshoes –

Capital Mom –

41 Baby Project –

Dad Who writes –

Plus everyone my severely depleted brain has forgotten I know there are some if not many and will be adding to this list- I love you guys – Thank you for being in my circle…

And Thank you again Thea :) *HUGS*



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5 responses to “Inspiration…

  1. You are so very welcome!!
    And thank you! xxxx

  2. Oh heavens! Now I feel guilty for not having written anything vageuly inspiring for weeks! I’m very flattered – but you shouldn’t have!

  3. Thank you April. I have really enjoyed getting to know you. And now I have to check out some of those other people on your list.. :-)

  4. I’m here! I followed you … I read your blog. You can’t have any pity any more. Not allowed.

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