A wonderful blogger – edited version of why I created the ‘blogging angel’

About a week ago Thea at“Do I Really Want To Blog” wrote about angels.

I have found someone who I think is a blogging angel and wonderful friend and if you haven’t found her yet I am proud to introduce her to you – it is Josie of “Sleep is for the Weak”

Today she wrote about a brilliant way to keep those of us who are sad, depressed, anxious, not doing so well, and in general not woo hoo constantly safer in our online community, PLEASE, if you haven’t done so yet read thisblog.

This is an area that people can tend to avoid as it is scary, or hard to deal with, but Josie was brave enough to care.

But not only did she do this, oh no. In the short time I have known her she has written so many supportive replies not only to my blog but to every one I come accross, no matter what is going on in her life, she still takes time to care.

She is generous and kind to her friends and family, a Mum who loves so much and never gives up despite trying circumstances, she is, quite simply an all round brilliant person.

So caring on twitter and in blog and  a talented writer and photographer.

She has also started this new venture for all of us budding authors after providing us with writing prompts for many months, come rain , hail, sun or Kai.

Thus I decided to make this award to say –

Thank You Josie, for being just you (thats how you do it, you know, there is nothing that I have written that you have to strive to live up to – it is all just what you do, even angels have sad days and rough times too)

Thank you – the first Blogging Angel. And I hope you accept this, because to me you are one of the most caring bloggers and tweeters I know, and the most proactive about it. That is why I made you this, not just one post, because of you in entirity.

P.S. – I edited this after my first overly enthusiastic draft – much in the style of a labrador puppy. I hope this version makes more sense of why I made this award and how it is not based on one post but a cumulative effect.




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8 responses to “A wonderful blogger – edited version of why I created the ‘blogging angel’

  1. Oh my sweet this made me cry.

    Thank you. I don’t deserve this at all but I am honoured.

    Guess I’m not in such a good place myself at the mo, but people like you and such kind words are helping to keep me going.

    Much love xxxx

  2. Josie you do deserve this, you are an amazing lady!

  3. What a beautiful idea! Not surprising, from a beautiful person. xx

  4. i also love josie’s blog! and have shared her pain with kai ever since i found out that my nights “sleep” were about as good as her’s……

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