The death of a bag…..

I, Unlike many women do not hunt shoes, or diamonds.

I am on the constant hunt for the ‘Perfect’ Bag. One which has a comfortable strap, is long-lasting, looks kind of cool and doesn’t hurt my back. It must always be a Motherbag (as brilliantly described by The NDM), which means it needs to be big, or have lots of compartments.

My current bag was an emergency purchase the last time I was up in Sydney before my move as my current bag had bitten the dust in a dramatic falling apart-hysterical-fit-loosing-both-ends-of-its-strap-and-magnetic-button before collapsing in a heap in the corner at the station…where had to find a bag to replace it VERY quickly, as it was carrying vital items I needed, thus this bag was bought – bargain and sacklike, with a strap that comes undone just glancing at anything above 1 kilo in weight it is the most temperamental bag I have known…

So it is to be replaced, soon, but do not tell it, it will be sad and purposeless, then again, I may use it for old socks….anyway…

There have been a series of blogs writing about their bags and the insides of such – for instance Snob Nicky, whose bag is much cooler than mine, and as I need a distraction from my last post, which continues unabated, I thought I would give it a try, before it becomes, you know, an old bag (ha, ha,heh..nup)

So, here is my bag…

Lovely isn’t it – kind of Elephant Hide grey (and yes my carpet in the WHOLE FLAT looks like this)

and here is the hole in the front pocket that I lost all my change, and, more importantly, several barley sugars from…stupid hole…

The side pockets – containing – Antibacterial wet ones, and antibacterial gel, the best bag pen EVER (made of solid wood, writes in real ink is indestructible, was a fantastic surprise christmas gift in 2009), 3 biros/pens, 6 train tickets, the peel off lid from a bottle of Orange juice, an old tissue and an ATM receipt…..

The main part, in sections – My 2010 carry everywhere tiny diary, my notebook for class, two more train tickets, another shopping list on the back of an envelope, My class handbook, my Meisner book I am reading for class and deodorant, bought from a 7 eleven, in a help my top REEKS emergency moment, along with Impulse, which has been passed on to my daughter….

Second lot – empty 1.5 litre water bottle from todays class, “The Big Girls Book” useful for those ‘I need something to read yet have nothing’ emergencies, of course since this went into my bag from some glossy magazine, such an occasion has not arisen. Tissues, another pen, Notebook full of little squares and origami that I love but still feel guilty pinching from my daughter (she got it as a 9th birthday present and left it on her floor for a month – I thought it was justified…) small stuffed toy dog my kids gave me, black and white purse, meant to hold ‘special things’ with two business cards for the same Prahran cafe inside, my wallet and my sunglasses.

Main section part three – 1 light wrap cardigan (black), 1 singlet top (black), I hat (green and crushable) all of which have had use for me, my children or a cold fellow student in the last week. I know it seems silly to carry spare clothes but i got into the habit with kids, I’d rather not be cold and after ‘smellgate’ (see above) can you blame me for the spare singlet top?…

There is one very small separate section inside and into it I cram everything small or that I might need in a hurry, it is where my wallet and phone habitually live (unless they make a kamikaze like leap for the bottom of the bag, usually at check-out or when I desperately need to make or answer a phonecall…anyway…

Today it contains – Old butter menthols, Cocoa Butter lip balm and spf15+, the remains of the unescaped change, blank cardboard, bottle of pills that contains anything i could ever need, Raferen – which is Neurofen but cheaper, Herron Blue – Neurofen but cheaper, Pentagram on a chain which I took off pre audition for my current school thus will not put on again, receipt, iPod with tragic collection of music that i must change (when shuffle becomes predictable you know you have hit a wall), my keys, the salada biscuit I was supposed to eat today and the lone barley sugar that remained, left behind, abandoned by his friends….

My bag also usually contains my camera (plugged into laptop to bring you these delightful images and my mobile phone (charging), oh and the water bottle usually has water in it.

So there it is…a goodbye post to this bag – unless the next one I get sucks, then I may have to deal with its temperament, or just go to Aussie Disposals – at least their bags are tough, if not waterproof….

just re-read this. oddly it made me cry *sigh* guess I’m on day seven now – everything hurts-like-i-have-no-skin-and-can’t-breathe day



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8 responses to “The death of a bag…..

  1. I am in awe at the amount of stuff you got in your bag!

  2. My bag seems practically empty in comparison!
    There’s an award over for you at mine. I know not everyone is into awards and usually I’m not, to be perfectly honest, but I wanted to take the opportunity to highlight to my readers some of the blogs I have recently discovered in the hope they will follow them too.

  3. No wonder your bag is always so heavy! I hope the new bag will fulfil everything you want of it.

  4. Ah, the Motherbag… they must be able to hold all manner of essential and ‘just in case’ items… I like to have one big enough to carry 3 jumpers at all times… I grew up in Tassie warm one second, freezing the next. I too am on the hubt for a new one.
    Good luck with the search, hope the new one is perfect in every way xxx

    • Yup – 3 jumpers, bandaids, water, juice, snacks – sigh – new bag is good, hopefully big enough *fingers crossed* have been putting offtrying it out with all my stuff just in case it isn’t…

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