On the topic of clothing…

I have just been reading a blog over at Insomniac Mummy about clothing I went looking for shops, on line, in the UK, so as to comment, you know, relevantly. What I didn’t expect is that the one shop I know the name of (‘Topshop” thanks to one of the Adrian Mole diaries, or one of his younger sister, or some novel I loved when I was about thirteen) would deliver to Australia…
So here it is, the blog of a list of links to clothing that I would LOVE to own (particualrly the dresses and PJ’s *coughsubtlehintcough*

But here it is – the April wardrobe – just add 2 pairs of jeans, some cons and docs, and voila…

Seriously delivery to Australia for essentailly $14 – how could I NOT look?

So, here’s my ideal list, if things such as food and rent and, you, know, electricity were never invented, what I would order from the marvelous never seen before  (assuming they won’t mind as, hey, I might get them a whole 3.5 customers :) – there is no narritive here, just what I went through and thought was pretty…very different from my usual style as well – which is basically black everything…so here goes) (oh and no I am not being paid – I just liked their stuff)

Pretty :)

So, here is Aprils wardrobe if she had a spare $1000 and wore other colours than black on a regular basis….

would look good with Docs...

Black :)

very 1920's

Picnic at Hanging Rock, methinks ;)

Now onto the things other than dresses which I have developed a sudden obsession with, dresses, not other things :-

any of these :)

Have been looking for a 'proper' Duffle Coat for years :)

don't know why, just do....

I know, I know, one black denim skirt is just like another - but I haven't been able to find one...

These are cool - subtle....

This I love - grey wolly scarf - yum :)

Cute Overload :)

I have been looking for oversized t-shirt nighties everywhere too (non grandma ones)

There are also the Miffy PJ’s and the perfect Plain black leggings,  the BEAUTIFUL burgandy skirt that is kind of like the dress and, of course, a Black Cardi :)

And of course, wordpress has stuffed up all the picture placement – hopefully, hopefully the links will work :)



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7 responses to “On the topic of clothing…

  1. Ha! Who knew Adrian Mole would come in so handy?!

    Topshop is fab!


  2. Oh! exciting…. off to have a peek at the online store! Yay for interwebz shopping!

  3. they deliver abroad? WTF? Really? Going to see if they deliver to Finland….

  4. The online shopping’s magic. I remember getting my Kylie knickers delivered all the way to Scotland from Sydney when they first came out. Terribly uncomfy, if memory serves….probably something to do with her gnat’s bottom.

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