Musings on a Tuesday doesn’t work as well as Musings on a Monday

I have had these Images sitting on my desktop for a while now- about two months- and have had no reason to use them.

I’ve wanted a reason, I’ve searched for a reason, but recently I’ve had my heart shattered and bits of it lost and any self belief almost completely destroyed that the romantic in me has almost been lost…almost but not quite.

And it is because of her that I’m putting these pictures up, because I love them, because they are beautiful, because I hope one day to actually have a blog where I can go, hey, you know what, I’m in love and so happy.

So this space is saved for that blog, as are these pictures and the thousand more I have put aside (sight exaggeration there – might be more in the hundreds)

And then I thought – What if I make this a questioning and musing post, they seem to be popular of late, what if I make this post about what do you think?

I had this question asked of me in class the other day and its a hard one and I don’t have an answer – I thought I did, once, I still might think i do but right now I can’t see past the shattered – but – does anyone out there actually think it is possible to be in love with two people at the same time?

This question came up in a scene where someone had to choose between two relationships – very different ones – and most of the class thought , ‘yes, you can’- which I found surprising – as the general consensus among society seems to be ‘no you cannot’…so what do you think, oh blog world out there? Is it possible to be in love with two people at the same time? if not, why not? If so, why so? Are human beings monogamous? does love have anything to do with this?

Like I said I have my own ideas but they aren’t going here now. They’ll come up when my heart isn’t a small pile of broken glass and when i have happy words to put with these pictures.

As my teacher said – there is nothing more terrifying when you are in a relationship to think it is possible to love more than one person…is this true too?

a searching post this one…a lost in the woods one…and a while I’m ill so please excuse grammar and rambling one, but a post nonetheless…

What ever will the blogosphere think?



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3 responses to “Musings on a Tuesday doesn’t work as well as Musings on a Monday

  1. I guess it depends how you define love. I don’t think you can love more than one person in the “i want to be with you forever and be equal life parterns” way. But you can love more than one person in the “I want you and you make me happy and I think about you all the time” way. But maybe the last one is lust or infatuation. And that doesn’t last.

  2. Vicki

    I think you can but not the same way (Capital Mom explains it better). I’ve been there.

  3. Ruby

    Oh god yes!

    In fact most definitely!

    I do not believe your heart only contains a certain amount of love, nor do I think that the love it does contain is only that of a romantic, family or friendship variety. You can feel many different things for many different people. As per Capital Mom’s comment, perhaps the “I want to be with you forever and be equal life partners” love can only be felt for one person at a time but I think even if that’s the case, it can be felt multiple times during a lifetime (just perhaps not at the same time).

    Just like I heard described by a mother to her child once – he asked whether she would have enough love in her heart for the new baby she was about to have, the love you have in your heart is an infinite amount, your heart expands and the love grows so there is more of it to share around if and when you need it.

    I have loved two people at once, in fact I love two people now BUT before I am judged, you must also realise that I am believer of “once you’re in love, you’re in love for life” and so all my past loves still reside in my heart and always will. I do not give my love away easily but once you have it you have it for life.

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