Writing Workshop – I try.

I cannot carry this anymore

this bundle of concrete encased emotion,

this so called life that has been crafted out of the last months,

My life is aimless days

punctuated with sharp stabbing pain of the glass splinters

that is all remains

somewhere lodged in my chest

the feeling of not doing right,

not good enough,

not enough,

never enough

always more

and still that doesn’t break this

bear trap of a world that cuts and binds and confuses more than this jumble of words,

I want to be Sylvia,

to give in,

to move on,

to realise what I’ve got when its gone

but its gone and there is no getting

my mind cannot rest,

cannot believe where i am

As i meander aimless and strained

through blank cardboard corridors

through memories and open doors

through shattered ornaments and frames

at least pain still feels

this bear trap life existance world

that constantly demands

the neverending need for right for doing for being

the tears that never seem to end or have beginning

when all i am






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4 responses to “Writing Workshop – I try.

  1. Please don’t be Sylvia.
    This too shall pass.

  2. I am going to say the same.

    Please don’t be Sylvia,

    This too shall pass.

    And I will be here.


  3. There is always a way out of where ever you are. I beleive that.

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