it all started with a tweet…

Okay – so it all started with a dare from ACTinglikeamama – or a kind of dare for a meme and as I love her blog and tweets – i thought well, why not, I don’t have a lot going on right now aside from ill so this kind of blog might just work for me…so here we have the “LipSynching Meme” If you are tagged you must either record and post yourself LipSynching to a song of your choice, or write of a time when you lipsynched – baring in mind that not all people are as *dramatic* as me. – So I tag Ally at ACTinglikeamama of course – but with the proviso that as she has a young baby she can pass the meme on to another if need be :)

So, here it is…enjoy and mock to your hearts content…Me LipSynching to Fiona Apple “Paper Bag” – which is Owned by sony music.

and now I need a nice lie down, some antibiotics and a bex….



Filed under being creative, below 15%, thanks to sony for the backing track and fiona apple who I'm sure won't mind (much)

15 responses to “it all started with a tweet…

  1. Yay! Very brave & very lovely indeed! Well done :)

  2. You’re so lovely. The video is very you. :)

  3. Aww I love it!!! awesomeness indeed. And you are just frankly, gorgeous – so watchable :-)

    Give me a day or two and I shall deliver my result. hehehe

  4. Angela

    Very well done!
    You are so very clever!

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  6. fender4eva

    Great clip. You look gorgeous !

  7. Just catching up and see this! How lovely to see you pretty lady!

    LOVE it :) x

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