Photo and Story Meme – Glee

Oh yay, I thought, when I went to Naomie’s Blog at “Under the Yardarm”, Another Blog to read, Glee! and a photo one, and it is beautiful and its a meme and I wonder who has been tagged and oh! GLEE! A post I can do without delving into my mind too much, and its kind of like the note things I used to do on Facebook, way back when I thought Facebook way waay better than twitter and spent *ahem* quite some time each day on it. Ah the follies of youth…anyway…here I am tagged in a photo meme started by Jodie at “Mummy Mayhem” ..and tagged by lovely Naomie, as I said before, but I seem to be in a Pooh Bear sort of mood today – much bumbling and just a little bit of fluff between my ears…so here we go…

1. Open the first/oldest photo folder in your computer library
2. Scroll to the 10th photo
3. Post the photo and the story behind it
4. Tag 5 or more people to continue the thread.

Oh shock – I’m a mum and its a photo of my children :) – This was taken in winter 2008 on my babies first trip to the snow. And it makes me cry. For lots of reasons. So lets hope for a coherent story shall we and maybe if I just contain myself to what is happening in the photo that will help.

We (being I, Bub 1 and Bub 2 (notice how their new psudonyms just did not stick – possibly because I could not spell it) and my then boyfriend/partner/what is the right word when you are over 30? – lets call him Captain Jack Sparrow- just for the coolness factor if nothing else- and the watching of “Pirates of the Carrabian” last night) Anyway, that perenthesis got out of control…

We went to the snow. Had been planning it for ages. Picked the kids up from DOC’s house early, left, drove to Dandenong, stopped as Bub 2 turned green, turned around, made it to the Clifton Hill Macdonalds, had breakfast, bub 2 felt better, so off we all went to Lake Mountain. Only by the time we got there the mountain was closed and there was a waiting line of cars, or so the rumour went in the shop where we stopped to hire taboggons, snow suits and gumboots.

The woman there was lovely and directed us to another mountain where the children happily played in what was essentailly a snow covered car park (at least I’m sure in Summer it is a car park) Sledding over blackberry bushes and building this partially built snowman.

Bub 2 kept eating the snow and they both discovered the fun passtime of throwing the snow at Mum because she throws it back.

And this story has gone down in the children’s mythology.

Not because it was the first time they saw snow.

Not because it was the first time they built a snowman.

Not because They Taboggoned.

But because Bub 2 almost threw up on the way there.


And I can only say ‘only my children’ and shake my head in a tearful, puzzled pooh bear sort of a way…..

(How the hell do you spell “Taboggon” I would not let it win otherwise they would all be ‘Sled”)

Now to tag five others…

DOC from Drawing Dad

Thea from “Do I really Want To Blog”

Josie from “Sleep is For the Weak

Cosmic Girlie from “Journey of the Mocha Beanies and Mummy”

Seraphim from “Ah. The Possibilities”

There we go :) Happy Photo-looking and writing :)



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4 responses to “Photo and Story Meme – Glee

  1. Haha I love it. Kids huh? It’s all about the bodily evacuation stories ;)

    What a fab photo! Thank you for the tag too :) x

  2. Great photo! And story!!
    And guess what, I’ve done it. I tagged Jodie.
    Check it out…
    I loved this meme too. xx

  3. Ah, kids, and bodily fluids, and other bodily functions…. so what did Miss9 write about our recent trip to Tassie & her great grandmothers 90th birthday? “In the hotel Mum discovered I had nits!” Yeah, that was the highlight of the holiday???
    Love the photo, and from what I can see, a lovely day, even if it was a carpark. :)

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