Photo 2.

Gee that title was informative wasn’t it…here we go continuing with this meme- I promise at some point I will insert non photo posts…

Yup. I took a photo of it. And no, it is not tinned spaggetti plus ink played with by toddler. Neither is it in a gallery, or done by Pro Heart. (Never know how to spell his name, but remember that carpet cleaning ad, and how it always bothered me that the woman cleaning the carpet had an accent – this at age, what ten? overdeveloped social concience…I digress)

This is another in a series of folders called “diary from…” or “journal from…” . One that came from that dark, short memory, coming off medication time.

This is a photograph of a painting done by my Mother. My Step-Dad is a very good artist (for an example of his work see photo below) and my mother, not to be left out of anything, at all, ever, took up painting as well. Her work, as much as she protests about how ‘bad’ it is used to hang all around their house – great, huge 2m x 2m canvasses. This one was in the kitchen and so much fun to see first thing in the morning. Before coffee.

At this point I was stuck in the house and had nothing to do. The rest of this folder is filled with pictures of food, pages from books and my parents and one of their dogs. I believe I took this picture on the anniversary which would make it mid August, again 2008.

Wow, that was thrilling – might try for a slightly more interesting picture next time – or one that at least has a story…

Step Dads Art



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7 responses to “Photo 2.

  1. This is great idea. I have thousands of photos that never see the light of day.

  2. Yeah, seeing that painting before coffee…
    Keep the photos coming, and the explanations… and this photo does have a story, every photo does… what this photo shows me is that you had the strength to keep going… still do :)

  3. I don’t think I’d seen that piece of your dad’s before. I know he’s good, but this surprised even me.

    Your mother’s… well. Isn’t there a saying about not saying anything if you can’t say something good?

  4. That painting looks like a Pollock work!

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