Photo 3

Ah this one is interesting and totally demonstrates how bored I was at this time…I was taking photos of the photos that my parents had in their albums so I would have some of them. I didn’t know I’d be given all the albums about a year later before they flew off to a new life overseas (me-still dealing-never:))

This photo is a photo of a photo taken in 1996. The photo itself taken in 2008.

It is me and my step dad on our last day in Egypt. My Mum took the photo. We stayed in a really nice hotel (might have even been a Hilton) for the last night and it had amazing views and things like ‘tea’ with ‘milk’ that I hadn’t seen for over a month…

The ‘all white’ ensemble- not my idea – but what was bought for me to wear all round Egypt – in every photo I am wearing that or that with a white or light blue singlet top. The pants were actually really nice. I also had the most excellent sandals I have ever had- flat soled, brown leather and so comfortable…

My hair is also the blondest it has ever been – my mother also arranged that for me too.

And everyone reading this is probably thinking ‘why? why was her mother doing all this? she was eighteen at least?’ and I was.

But about a month and a half before this photo something big had happened. And five months before that something even bigger. And my Mum’s solution was to take me to Egypt with them when they went. And I guess it kind of worked, for a little while. Egypt was amazing and I left me on the plane – nothing scared me, nothing bothered me, it all amazed me and it was the adventure of a lifetime – well it had better be as I now have huge phobia of flying so other like adventures are kind of on the back burner…

But I still think the gp I saw with her before we left when that second big thing happened was right and that she shouldn’t have done her huge moral “No daughter of mine” thing – just like she did about everything even slightly bad…the gp was right and I should have started seeing a psychologist.

Maybe I wouldn’t be where I am or how I am now if I had.


But I guess I’m “No daughter of hers” as I’ve certainly gone on to have everything she insisted I didn’t…

And I don’t mind that so much today.



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9 responses to “Photo 3

  1. Don’t get me started on the subject of your mother. Not in this forum, anyway. Grr.

    I really like this photo. It’s good to see you as you looked when we first met. The Egypt trip fell between our first meeting and our second. :)

    Wearing white really isn’t you though, is it?

  2. I am really enjoying thee photo posts! Please keep writing them!

  3. I really enjoyed this post, even though it has left me wondering more about the story! Wonderfully written… Isn’t it interesting how you can love your parents even when they devastate you? At least that has been my experience.

    Once again, thank you for sharing. I am glad to that you stumbled upon my blog which in turn led me to yours.


  4. I love the photo posts too, and the stories that go along with them are helping me get to know you better :) I like that. Keep them up – I hope they are helping you? xoxox

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