Photo 4 – rockin’ the blog ‘danish style’ (ok, scrambling for titles)

Yes, we are still going with this plan – it seems to be working blog wise and filling in some holes in my memory from this period of time…

So this was taken in Late August or early September 2008. This was all I ate that day.

While I was living with my parents the need to escape would frequently sweep over much, much in the style of a tsunami, and would leave me wandering the streets of Richmond at 3am, or, alternatively at this milk bar/coffee shop just around the corner from their house.

They did a good milkshake. And the danishes were hideously overpriced for something that was so often crusty and partially stale.

But it got me out of the house. I could sit at a bench in the window and watch the world go by, and they didn’t ask me when I would be better, or why I hadn’t washed my hair, or why i was texting again, or to turn my music down or to subtly suggest that I really should be getting over all of this by now and moving on with my life….

Strangely enough I am still not ‘over it’ or ‘past it’…

I don’t miss the attitude, but i miss the milkshakes, and the coming out of winter into spring feeling of the sunshine, and the moments, just moments, before I thought my life could get worse (no pity party – really- my life is what it is- but the day when I had this danish and milkshake I really didn’t think things could get worse – I thought they were on the way better – I was wrong- very.)


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One response to “Photo 4 – rockin’ the blog ‘danish style’ (ok, scrambling for titles)

  1. I do like that milk bar/coffee shop, although it’d be nice if they had fresher pastries. Moving back in with your parents when you’re an adult is hellish for almost anyone, but with your parents… cause for more therapy, not less…

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