Photo 5- oh how impressed I am…

September 2008…I am out somewhere and very unimpressed by this fact it seems…

Let me first of all say I don’t usually wear pink. I went to a Reiki practitioner sometime that year and she told me Pink would be a healing colour for me. It didn’t work. Black works much better for me all round.

From what I can see in the progression of photos it was a bad night out, it was a night out with Captain Jack Sparrow, I was not feeling good at all but trying my best to be, as I tend to do.

I think I may have thrown a hissy-fit at some point – a fairly major one judging by the photos of me giving the camera the finger that appear later in the folder (ah- the folly of youth). Truth be told, I don’t remember this night. I don’t remember where I went. I don’t remember this mood, this moment, this ‘Big Bad’ that made me hate myself so much that night. I was sad and hurting me and probably hurting others and seratoninally messed up. So all in all the not remembering this night…

…I think that this is probably an okay thing.



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2 responses to “Photo 5- oh how impressed I am…

  1. Reiki. Pfft. Sorry, but pfft. Anyone who tells you to wear more pink can’t be trusted.

    I think it was a brilliant idea of yours to take so many photos during this period. It’s also good that the pics don’t necessarily bring all the memories back, as in this case. You know it was a bad night – enough said.

    I’m a curious as anyone to see more of these.

  2. Must admit to feeling nosey too. And pink? Well, dudelet loves it. Me, I’m black to the bone.

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