Photo Number 6 – seen through a chair darkly

I did intend on having a “Wordy Wednesday” in which I wrote a blog with more words than pictures. I failed. So here we are….again.

This was taken, again, in September of 2008. This was the room that was “mine” in my parents house – well for a while anyway, till they were getting ready to sell it. And not that I could levae naything in there without the chance of it being gone through.  And well, woe betide me if I slept in past the hour at which someone needed to use the printer which was housed in the room also. The room was probably about the size of a box room – if indeed a box room is what I imagine it to be (about two meters by three? (with built in wardrobe taking up half the space)).

This picture tells you serveral things about me. 1 – I can’t sleep without a light on. 2 – I can be very inventive with bright desk lamps to create a level of light appropriate for sleep. 3. I pile clothes on chairs, regularly.

That is about it.  Except I really kind of like this photo. I think its the wicker chair with the light and all. Shame it doesn’t show the view though. That room had a Very Good View Indeed.


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