Photo 9 ( I cheated on this one)

This is Panama – he is a very important soft toy Panda Bear. This photo was taken at the end of September 2008. I had a very cool camera and I could make certain colours change to others, so I made his black fur blue. He is extremely good company, just the right size and a lovely chap. I could tell you his life story, but instead I will put this photo in.

This was the hotel I stayed in, in Queenscliff, with Captain Jack Sparrow. It was lovely, really, really lovely and confirmed my belief that maybe I should indeed have been born in the 1800’s. The weekend was lovely, the place we were staying was lovely. It was just all lovely. And that is all I’m going to say about it, except – this is when I was getting better, my world was kind of spinning right…or starting to…amazing what can happen in one folder of photos.


Oh thats right…

This was the weekend I came back to my parents house only to be almost thrown out. Because they hadn’t been able to contact me to tell me I shouldn’t have left my lap top under my bed during a house inspection (this was when they were trying to sell their house) No one would have seen it – but it was a huge huge issue.

I had to compromise, to promise to be out as much as I could, every weekend and most of the weekdays. I honestly couldn’t believe that this small act could lead to so much anger, so so much anger (there is more to it – but that was my part in it- honestly- aside from being unwell ) – So i suppose this picture is a weekend when I felt everything was right, but it was turning very screwed…



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4 responses to “Photo 9 ( I cheated on this one)

  1. the dotterel

    Fascinating pics, and a fascinating insight. Amazing how things can turn on such seemingly insignificant events.

    Btw, you’ve very kindly linked to me in your list of blogs (thanks!) but I noticed it’s to the old ‘blogspot’ address. If you’ve got a mo and could update it to that’d be great!

    Enjoy the weekend!

  2. it’s weird when little things get all blown up out of proportion, isn’t it? Love that second pic, it has a very romantic look to it

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