Oh yeah – a title – photo 11 I think.

So here is the deal, I looked at my folder of photos from the next lot along and I thought…hmmm….

they really are all pretty damn boring aren’t they…but considering they are in a folder titled “Start of October, very, very unwell” what can I really expect.

And at around about the same time I had been uploading my photos in collage form to a blog (october 2008) – no idea why- so I had this collage there. And considering I was sick, I was sad, I was stuck in bed and lots of the photos I took were of either me or the firefly and buffy episodes I was watching I thought this just might capture this time in my life ( and it includes the tenth, twentieith and thirtieth photos both from the start and the end of the folder – so all good really…

And besides, its my blog, sometimes I’m allowed to cheat :p

So lets see – top row we have me, feeling like crap; the worst chocolate I have ever eaten; me , feeling worse; dog i drew on my jeans.

Second row – Flavoured water ( i think i found the label amusing); firefly; firefly; firefly

Third – me, at night, feeling worse still; mobile (must have been waiting for a text); pile of stuff beside bed; me next morning (gak)

Fourth – Bub 1 & 2; Buffy; Buffy; Haircut I wanted.

Fifth – Hamtaro (NEVER mention this show to me, I turn rabid and start trying to stab things with other things- if you have heard the theme tune or seen the show you’ll get why); Me removing nailpolish (thinking Bub 1 is responsible for this one); Me feeling like crap with flash; Me feeling like crap without flash…

There we go…hope you enjoyed.

And you know what WordPress – it is not helpful when you hide one column of the collage from me – Sigh – that would be – me feeling like crap; me and bub 1, me and bub 1, me feeling like crap, with a firefly in there somewhere (its Mel in a bonnet – while I looked bad, I didn’t look THAT bad) (I don’t think) (surely?)


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One response to “Oh yeah – a title – photo 11 I think.

  1. Mal’s line in that scene should be directed to the incredibly annoying Hamtaro: “I swear by my pretty floral bonnet I will end you.”

    No more talk of cheating – it’s your blog after all and you make or break rules as you see fit.

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