A two post day. 1. Can I carry this off?

I have a general sort of question to ask you all – see I turn 32 tomorrow, I have two children aged 10 and 8.

However I love a certain style of  clothes, love them, adore them with a passion.

Well, Its not exactly ONE style…

In fact there are a couple…

The first one is made by Sylph designs.

The second ‘look’ is a kind of mixture between goth and steam punk kind of like this and sometimes Neo Victorianism

Or there is this – minus the shirt and belt kind of tartan skirt thing

Or then there is this which is totally off in another direction…the Avril look – which is kind of funny if you know my ‘real’ name :) – there isn’t actually much she wears that I don’t like…

So the question is – for those of you who can be bothered clicking on all those links – which of these looks can I still pull off, if any? And should I stick to just one?



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6 responses to “A two post day. 1. Can I carry this off?

  1. Firstly, you are way cooler and edgier than I could or ever will be. I like the tartan and Avril look myself, but you go for what you like and feel comfortable in. You’ll look gorgeous I’m sure.

  2. Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorrow! xoxo

  3. AngelaPj

    I love love love the tartan skirt!
    And now that you mention it, the Avril look is yours already ; )

    The others seem like they might be fun but would be hard to carry off all of the time. I think you could totally pull them all off though.

    Have a fab Birthday tomorrow!

  4. Avril is my personal favourite but you should wear whatever makes you happy. 32 is very, very young, I know because that’s how old I am and I’m still planning what I want to be when I grow up!

  5. Looks like everyone agrees, as I do, that you could pull off any of these styles.

    That said my favourite is the Steampunk/Neo-Victorian style. You would look indescribably great. Of course it’s the most expensive and conspicuous in an everyday context.

    I know full well how good you look in a tartan skirt. It’s a you thing.

    For everyday, go with the Avril look. You just need a pair of jeans or two THAT YOU WILL WEAR and some good t-shirts. And eyeliner. You’ve already got the Cons sorted.

    Looking at the Sylph page, I’m doubtful. Is it just me or do the clothes look like they’re made of rubber? Might just be the photos…

    • S) Thank you hon :) xx I don’t think of myself as cool and edgy ever *blush*
      A) Thank You xxx
      1H 2 K) Thank you – it is isn’t it – I still wonder about growing up :) nice to know I’m not alone :)
      DD) erm – more cotton/lycra mix – and how do i do do jeans for class…hmmm? Thanks though :)

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