Photo 13 – I was happy :)

This photo was taken at the Maya Festival, 2008,  which was at CERES, in Brunswick East. If any Melbourne readers haven’t been there yet – go – it is kind of hippy/funky/cool and has great chai and a nice market on the weekends and lots of animals and vegetables for children to look at as well as a good play area for them and a brilliant bike place, where you take your bike and they teach you how to fix it and, and, (can you tell i really like it there?)

The festival was great – kind of like a mini Rainbow Serpant festival – and I wore something floral ( I know, I know I almost fainted in shock too – but it was summer and pretty) and the sky was blue and I was with kind and generous people who were lovely to hang out with and all was good.

This Parasol was just behind where we were sitting. It captures the feeling I get at the few festivals I’ve been to – that communal, trusting thing – I don’t know if it is just me being naive but I always feel like no one would hurt me there (in my wide experience of two, yes TWO music festivals) versus concerts and live venues where its always so cramped and almost selfish in the ‘who gets to the front, gets a better view, gets the merch first’ type stuff and keeping a constant eye on my belongings…

So yes, I like this picture a lot :) A hazy, hot spring day with music and friends :) Nice.


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One response to “Photo 13 – I was happy :)

  1. I haven’t been there, but both kids have and rave about it. I love that communal thing too – should be more of it :)

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