The Secret Post Club and HUG! @MissSearlescouk

Today I got a parcel.

Today I got a parcel from secret post club if you want to join (it is much fun, and run by lovely Heather – check out “Notes from Lapland” here .

Today I got a truly lovely parcel from someone who I’ve never met yet seems to know me far too well.

From the lovely Charlotte or MissSearles ( You can find her blog here and her gorgeous soon to be shop here)

It was beautifully wrapped and in a box and everything :) (very impressed) and inside were these :-


A beautiful Handmade envelope :)

A lovely handmade card and note :)

The sweetest little hand painted wooden chickens (Bub 1 has claimed the pink one now named Bock Bock and Bub 2 the purple one named Little Bock)

And My Favorite and My Best, is this little creature – who I have named “Hug” – because that is what he looks like.

Don’t know how Charlotte knew this but I have been looking at little creatures like this in shops in Fitzroy for over a year and trying to justify spending the $50 charged for them – and now I have a special little cute darling one at the most perfect time for me to receive something like this.

So everyone – race over to her shop as soon as it opens ’cause these photos do not do the items justice, particularly Hug, who is done with such care :)

And Thank You Charlotte – thank you for putting so much effort into every aspect of something for me, and for making my life that little bit better and making me smile, at a time when I needed it most :)

**NB** There were also five or so Caramel filled Cadbury Eggs in the package – they mysteriously disappeared during the taking of the photos :)



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2 responses to “The Secret Post Club and HUG! @MissSearlescouk

  1. Hello :-)

    You’re very very welcome! Glad it eventually got to you!
    All the items are little prototypes I’ve been working on so I’m really pleased you liked them, hopefully wont be too long before the shops opened and they’ll have some little friends created too :-)


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