I usually avoid photos of me – but as so many other bloggers have been so brave I will follow their example.

I grew up with a Mum who wore very dark foundation, bright blue eyeshadow and red lipstick all the time, up untill my late teens when the eyeshadow and lip colour changed.

Thus I never really got into makeup (it was my teenage rebellion) then when I did it was eyeliner and mascara, dark eyeshadow and natural everything else. And foundation and I have never gotten along (aside from theatrical makeup – the kind that will kill your skin in a week :s but hides everything).

But here is a photo of me taken last night…

Its tiny, I know – but that was so it would fit on twitter.

No make up and hair not brushed for – hmmm- 2 days I think?

Thanks many to Jodie at “Mummy Mayhem” for this idea. Its nice to feel like I don’t have to look perfect on here.



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16 responses to “#BloggersWithoutMakeup

  1. Just gorgeous!! :)

  2. And you are so beautiful and elfin like. Love the pic. You are gorgeous x

  3. Gorgeous photos, I wish my hair looked like that after two days!

  4. so, so, so lovely. I think my mum went through a blue eyeshadow phase also. thank god she grew out of it! lol

    You are beautiful inside and out xoxo

  5. Ahh… the blue eye shadow!
    You my friend are beautiful inside and out xxxx

  6. You are gorgeous. I love your dark hair and beautiful complexion.

  7. You don’t need make up. You look gorgeous! X

  8. You look so beautiful! Gorgeous.

    Thanks for taking part!


  9. You look great. Blue eyeshadow would most definitely NOT be an improvement (assuming we’re talking that really, really bright electric blue stuff, which should only be worn to dress up parties).

  10. Thank you – everyone – much xoxo

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