Something Missing

So, here is part of what has been making Sydney difficult and making me long for Melbourne….

This is not an anti-Sydney rant, In fact if anyone reading this knows any way I can work these things out it would be most appreciated.

So, In no particular order –

How Sydney has been making my life more difficult than it needs to.

1. I need help psychologically- my children need help psychologically. In Melbourne they were seeing someone at the childrens hospital and it was fantastic and inexpensive. In Melbourne I had a good psychologist, and the public system, while it had a wait list they really tried to help.

In Sydney my children can’t get help at the kids hospital, in fact all they have been offered is family therapy – great- but my daughter won’t talk infront of us about everything that makes her feel awful.

In Sydney I am on a waiting list for public mental health that may not be able to help. Finding support for my family who have to deal with me has been very difficult too, in fact, nothing yet- and I’ve been looking since I arrived here.

2. In Melbourne I knew public transport and it went to all  places within a 20km radius of the city with minimal walking.

In sydney the trains don’t run on weekends, the buses are early or late, if anyone can explain the zone system to me I would be amazed and there are huge areas not covered by it. This makes my life hell. As I don’t have a car. Apparently everyone in Sydney must have a car.

3. In Melbourne they are BIG M’s. In Sydney they are MOOVE…Seriously MOOVE? also low fat. Enough said.**

4. In Sydney no one really notices you in public. I used to love this. Now I miss the Melbourne nods of acknowledgement.

5. In Melbourne there were government payments to help with the cost of school (it being government funded and all) and many parental support programs.

In sydney this scheme does not exisit and I’m worried about paying for their holiday program which they need desperately. Parental support programs none I have found so far.

Sydney you are beautiful and distant, you are wise and kind of hip. Melbourne you are comfortable and warm, bohemian and funky….

and if anyone knows where I can find some touches of Melbourne up here, Please let me know. I want to feel at least a little at home.

** does anyone else remember the vanilla “Mr Men” milk? – early 80’s? That was great, that was. Nom nom nom



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3 responses to “Something Missing

  1. Wish I could help but I don’t know much about Sydney. Love your description of her tho. Hoping you’ll have a Sydney reader who will be more help than me. xxxx

  2. Unfortunately I cannot help in regards to the help side of things.. But train wise I’m not sure where you live for them to not run on weekends. They run every day here… As for the zones don’t worry about it :) Basically you just ask for your ticket as normal and they give it to you — but I don’t catch buses so I am not sure how it works with them :( Sorry I can’t be of more assistance.

    I do know that a lot of places aren’t catered for train wise and it frustrates me too.


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