Today can get humped

Today has sucked, in the hellish it deserves a whole blog of its own kind of way, not even in a little bit tolerable way, just bloody awful and scary and made me realise how alone me and Bub 1 and Bub 2 are up here is Sydney, anything happens to DOC, unless my one friend is available we are on our own to muddle through as best we can, I’m not so sure I can deal with that… So I need some happy. So when I went to Under the Yardarm and saw the hump day happiness post I thought well yeah, why not, three things that have made me happy…so here we go….

1. I am happy that nothing serious was wrong with DOC and all the scary drama with the Ambulance and waiting and waiting and waiting and calling on friend, and wrapping myself in hand-me-downs from my Mum and a scarf from my aunt because I felt so alone and being strong for the kids and terrified in the bathroom is over (all on very little sleep)…and that it is just bruising and rest and Neurofen will fix it. That makes me happy.

2. Looking through the pictures of real-life weddings at “100 Layer Cake” and what a nice surprise finding them was ( I clicked through to it expecting a cooking website- and ended up spending *cough*three*cough* hours there on Saturday) But these pictures are just so lovely, so real and the people are happy and safe and peaceful and joyful and IN LOVE – see….

And because you can Never, Ever have Too Much love on a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day, where you just kept thinking of that poster – you know the one “ Keep Calm and Carry On” – here is another image….

i want to feel like this

There shall be another blog on this website and the things it made me realise but it doesn’t count under happiness exactly…

3. That my friends on Twitter and FB and in the blogging world still want to know me and still care about me as I drop in and out of the ‘net world. Thank You. You make me feel not so horribly alone….

Now to go and have a good cry into a pillow…we are all safe and under a stable roof in the wild and wet weather, nothing terrible is happening and I now know that I need to work on a disaster plan. We’re all okay, our little conglomerate -like-family-thing. That too is something to be happy for. And for now I can just STOP.



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8 responses to “Today can get humped

  1. porridgebrain

    I think of you such a lot lovely. Wish I had more time to come and keep track of how you’re doing. I have been neglecting blogs lately, trying to get my shit together.

    But I love it when you pop up and say hello. And I will always be here when I can.

    I’m so, sorry things are so tough. But it is good to hear you with a bit of fight in your voice. I like that a lot.

    Big hugs to you xxx

    P.S. Is DOC ok? What happened??

  2. 41BabyProject

    You are not alone. Your twitter pals are here!

    Life really is what you make of it – I firmly believe that. In my view, if we decide to be happy and grateful, and if we approach each day with a spring in our step and a determination to see the positives, as you have in this article, we’ll get back what we put out there. It really is that simple.

    • i actually love that idea – i find it so hard to do though- especially when i go through a really rough time after a time of being a pretty bloody good human being (not really this at the moment) But yes, am trying, trying hard. Thank you. And I hope all is very well with you too xxx

  3. Thank you for joining in. You know I have had my share of the black dog this week, and sometimes it is hard to get going. But always know we are here for you, waiting. I too like to hear that fight in your voice… it’s here in this post. hope DOC is OK too.
    Sending you love and hugs.

  4. I too like reading the “fight” in your writing. Despite all of the crap lately, you sound more positive. Here, definitely, and frequently offline too. I’m glad.

    I am very happy about your community of Twitter/blogging friends. It’s great that you have a network (even a virtual one) to connect with.

    Josie, Naomi, thanks for the well wishes. I’ll be fine.

    Keep Calm and Carry On. So very British…

  5. Lots of hugs coming your way.

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