ghd stands for….???

Firstly let it be known that it is rare for me to read glossy magazines – I am too much of a book addict.

The rare times I do, I will buy “Girlfriend” (my Bub 1 is almost old enough for this – eep), Read Bub 1’s “Top Girl” (need to keep an eye on what she is reading ) ** or I will buy overseas magazines – like the English version of “Glamour”

“Glamour” I love it for its small size, its thickness and it just feels exotic, in a oooh-look-I-am-spending-ten-dollars-on-a-magazine-that-has-FLOWN-here kind of way.

I used to be an avid “Dolly” reader in my early teens, but since the move from that to “Smash Hits” (oh so hard core) at the age of 14, then stopping altogether when DOC bought me “women’s weekly” at the age of 19 ( I was very insulted).

So, I mainly don’t read magazines.

Anyway, last night I was browsing the copy of Glamour I found in the bottom of a box.

I bought it last year and never really looked at it and I came across one of the best hair care adverts I have seen in a long time.

I usually flick past the ads, particularly hair care (my version of that being lather, rinse, repeat, if I have a chance put in whatever conditioner is left after delousing the children, then plait it, and dye it on a semi regular basis)

But these are beautiful and quirky – so if I was going to buy hair products, that aren’t on sale, and actually have a known name, I may just buy these :)

So here they are – for the more discerning people who actually care about their hair, or those who just like a really well thought out ad campaign :)

Which is your favorite? Mine is Little Red Riding hood :)

(oh and does anyone know what ghd make? My mind is saying ‘straighteners am I right?)

**Ok, ok so I like feeling fifteen sometimes :)



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2 responses to “ghd stands for….???

  1. Oh, these ads are fab!! I’m torn between Little Red Riding Hood and Rapunzel for my favourite.

    You’re right in thinking ghd make hair straighteners – they’re the ones with ceramic plates in them, so they’re supposed to be less damaging to your hair. (I know this because I have a set, which I have used about 5 times in 18 months!)

  2. GHD I believe stands for Good Hair Day. I love the Rapunzel one! And they make all types of straightening / curling irons .

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